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Last Update: July 15, 2018

Well I’m currently on holiday in a beautiful place called Boscastle which is in Cornwall England, it’s such a lovely place with views to die for, it’s not the picture above by the way.

So I’m going to relax a bit this week and the internet here is not the best, but while I’m here I started looking at micro niches and came across an excellent blog on it and it explains it superbly. I won’t share the link as I’m not sure I’m allowed on here but it’s excellent so if anyone wants to know where it is just let me know.

Also just found out that my review got indexed so it’s great news

Well have a great Sunday


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juanster2017 Premium
Beautiful view thanks for sharing this info
WendaSue Premium
Have fun at Boscastle. Sounds like a beautiful place.
Wendi :)
brettbrtsk Premium
I am how’s your husband is he on the mend?
WendaSue Premium
Yes. He's doing amazing. He even went back to work today. He owns his own company, so he can't miss much work. But he'll take it easy.
Wendi :)
MKearns Premium
Wow! the peaks are quite high in Cornwall! Have a great time!
DianeWehi Premium
Well done on holidaying with such bezutiful views.
Its good to relax.
Congratulations on review being indexed.
Celebration time...Cmon :)

Di :)
AlexEvans Premium
Enjoy the break Brett, getting content indexed is one of the best things as we move it all forward, come back recharged.