Happier Day

Last Update: June 23, 2018

Well after my post yesterday about my week from hell and depression today has been a better day, went out and treated myself to a new ipad to cheer myself up.

Some may say i shouldnt buy things just to cheer myself up but i had an action plan, i aim to pay for the ipad in the next few months by starting to earn on here, so its a goal as well as a treat so a double wammy.

Also its the weekend always feel better at the weekend no surprise there i hear you say so yet another goal to replace my day job income with an online income, id love to get to vegas with you lot but it may be too far away for me this year but i still plan to try my hardest.

So im hoping your all having a great weekend

Best wishes


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newlive Premium
lol..that is a good plan Brett!..you have a great weekend too
DianeWehi Premium
Find Your Happy
Stay in Your Happy :)
brettbrtsk Premium
thanks for your kind words, always mean a lot to me
JeannineC Premium
Glad things are going better! Stay happy and enjoy that new iPad!
Juliako Premium
Also, having the iPad along with your laptop or whatever you were using previously means that you can have two screens open - useful for researching, writing comments on other people's blogs and all sorts of jobs.
CDevonshire Premium