Last Update: December 02, 2018

Ive been away from here for a while, I’d like to say it’s been for good reasons but not really the case, I’ve had a fairly indifferent time of late and I’m currently at the crossroads of what I’m going to do.

I’ve always had a problem with believing in my own ability so if you’ve been there your understand, I know I can do this and if I follow the blu print I will get there.

I’ve just come back from Mumbai where I was working for a short while and to be honest when you’re away on your own you have time to think and put things into perspective.

I’m going to change track on here and build an affiliate site from scratch, I’m looking forward to it and I will be putting a plan together so that I’ll stick to it.

I look forward to getting encouragement as I know what a positive group of people are on this site.

That’s all for now

Good luck to you all


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BillandSue Premium
Hi Brett,
You have outlined the plan for your success. Just follow the "blueprints"...the training syllabus.

As you accomplish each task this will give you greater confidence that you can do these things.

In time you will be a successful marketer.

Thanks for sharing.

ExpatMark Premium
2019 and WA can change your whole life. Always here for ya brother.
Cass51 Premium
A great choice Brett and you are in the right place to get the support that you require. All the best, Cass
CandP Premium
Great to see you back, refreshed and rejuvenated.
Now, let's get to work!
C & P