How AI Text-to-Speech Breaking Barriers for People with Speech and Vision Challenges

Last Update: May 29, 2023

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How AI Text-to-Speech Breaking Barriers for People with Speech and Vision Challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has seen significant advances, making the world more accessible. Particularly in terms of speaking, AI text-to-speech technology has proven invaluable for those who experience difficulty with speech conversations or for people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

This blog post looks at what this technology is, its benefits, the different types, how it works, the pros and cons, and why it breaks barriers for Deaf people (like myself) and those struggling with speech and vision challenges.

Let's get started!

What is AI Text-to-Speech?

With AI Text-to-Speech technology, computers can convert written text into spoken words. This software uses advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to analyze and understand the written text. It enables machines to speak like humans by using natural-sounding voices.

AI Text-to-Speech is becoming more widely used as it offers a range of benefits. It can be used for customer service, creating audio content, and helping those with communication challenges access software. Thanks to algorithm advancements, the results are more natural than ever.

The technology simplifies communication between humans and machines, making it ideal for creating personalized audio content like podcasts and videos. It can enhance customer engagement for businesses and has vast potential applications.

AI Text-to-Speech is an innovative technology that has revolutionized how humans interact with machines while opening up opportunities for people who previously struggled with communication barriers due to speech and vision challenges.

The Benefits of Using AI Text-to-Speech

AI Text-to-Speech technology has opened up a world of possibilities for people with all needs.

Here are some incredible advantages:

If you can't see the words: it's right here.

Accessibility: Creating content that can be used by people who have difficulty reading, such as those with learning disabilities or vision impairments, is easy with AI Text-to-Speech. Through synthesized speech, people who struggle to express themselves verbally can now easily express themselves.

Cost-Effective: AI Text-to-Speech technology is much more cost-effective than hiring a voice actor to record audio files for your project, making it ideal for businesses with limited budgets.

Customization: Customizing the sound of your text-to-speech voice allows you to create a unique and recognizable voice for your brand without hiring an expensive voice actor.

Faster Turnaround Time: The AI Text-to-Speech technology can generate speech quickly, which is helpful if you have speech, vision, or hearing challenges, such as damage to the vocal cords, stuttering, or visual difficulties.

Accuracy: AI algorithms allow text conversion into audio formats with significant levels of precision, avoiding errors during transcription processes that facilitate communication between individuals despite any language barriers they may encounter.

Easy to Use: AI Text-to-Speech is easy to use, making it an excellent option for those who want to quickly create text-based content without hiring a professional voice actor.

For people needing to create content quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, AI Text-to-Speech technology can be an excellent solution.

The Different Types of AI Text-to-Speech Software

Several types of AI Text-to-Speech software are available in the market, each with unique features and benefits.

The list of different types is from these sources I researched online: The information about the different kinds of TTS software comes from various sources.

Reviews of TTS software on websites via the Internet: Quora, Blogs, Developers Forum, and other journals, Search Engine Journal Land, CNET, and other sources (Google Bard and Bing ChatGPT are included)

Photo: AI Robot using hands for Deaf people who use American Sign Language (ASL) means I Love You

1. Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) TTS Software: We can use TTS software that follows the SSML standard and natural language processing to create a speech that sounds like a human. The W3C established the SSML standard, which major TTS software vendors support.

2. Deep Learning TTS Software: This software uses AI to convert text to realistic audio accurately. Among the most popular platforms are Google WaveNet and Amazon Polly.

3. Voice Recognition TTS Software: This software converts spoken words into text using voice response, speech recognition, or virtual assistants.One of the most popular voice recognition TTS software platforms is Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, while another is Microsoft Speech Platform.

4. Natural Language Processing TTS Software: In natural language processing, text is transformed into spoken words or audio. It is often used for translation and automated customer support. Google Cloud Natural Language API and Amazon Lex are the most popular TTS platforms.

5. Rule-based synthesis TTS Software: This technology uses pre-recorded words and phrases to create speech patterns for applications requiring a limited vocabulary. The most popular rule-based synthesis TTS software platforms are IBM ViaVoice and Lernout & Hauspie VoiceText.

When buying AI text-to-speech software, always do your research and diligence to compare prices and features based on the intended use and desired audio output.

How Does AI Text-to-Speech Works?

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, text-to-speech software converts text into synthesized speech. How it works is that the software process uses several steps, including natural language processing, machine learning, and voice synthesis.

Step 1. AI text-to-speech uses natural language processing technology: The input is analyzed for grammar and syntax, then machine learning detects speech patterns to generate a consistent voice.

Step 2. AI Text-to-Speech uses neural network models: It converts digital text to audio files that sound like human speech.

Step 3. AI Text-to-Speech is more effective with its voice synthesis. AI systems are now using emotional cues to adjust their tone of voice when reading aloud. This helps listeners connect better with the message.

Three-step technology provides equal access for those with hearing or speech impairments. AI-powered text-to-speech is famous for creating high-quality marketing videos.

The Pros and Cons of AI Text-to-Speech

AI Text-to-Speech technology has revolutionized the way humans interact with devices and machines. However, like any other technology, this software has pros and cons.

The Pros:

1. Cost savings: Eliminates the need for expensive voice actors or manually created audio files, making it an attractive option for businesses and developers.

2. Natural-sounding voices: In recent years, AI TTS technology has become more natural.

3. Speed: Natural-sounding audio can be generated much faster than traditional methods, making it ideal for large-scale projects.

4. Accessibility: Using text-to-speech technology, everyone can access information quickly and easily - from those Deaf with speech and vision challenges to those who speak different languages.

The Cons:

Lack of emotion: Despite technological advances, AI TTS still struggles to capture emotions and nuances present in human speech, often making the audio sound robotic or even comical.

2. Accuracy Issues: Can't distinguish between homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings), which can cause confusion and negatively impact the user experience.

3. Customization: It appears to be less customizable than traditional audio production, making it harder to customize.

4: Job Loss: AI text-to-speech technology may lead to job losses in the audio production industry, as companies rely more on this technology than human voices.

AI text-to-speech technology can save time and money but has limitations. Advancements in technology will improve synthetic voices and increase accessibility for those who rely on assistive communication devices.

AI Text-to-Speech is Breaking Barriers for Deaf People and Speech Challenges

Deaf/Deaf individuals and people with speech difficulties will benefit from AI text-to-speech since it breaks down barriers. For Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals, communication through spoken language can be challenging.

Using AI text-to-speech technology, written words can be converted into audible speech is the best technology available because it allows Deaf people to access information that would be otherwise inaccessible.

As a result of this development in technology, Deaf people are no longer limited to using sign language or writing down their ideas. Instead, they can communicate more fluently and naturally using text-to-speech software. This is helpful for me as a Deaf person here at Wealthy Affiliate.

An excellent example of this is this available technology:

Screenshot Photo: Sythensia AI video text-to-speech technology is available for business owners, Deaf people like me, and people with speech challenges.

AI-powered Text-to-Speech technology helps people with physical or neurological challenges communicate more effectively and eliminates the need for reading on a screen. It produces synthetic voices that resemble natural speakers, making communication easier for those with speech difficulties.

AI text-to-speech technology is helping people with diverse abilities communicate effectively, breaking down barriers and unlocking new possibilities.

Final Thoughts

AI Text-to-Speech simplifies communication for those with speech and vision challenges and other forms of physical limitations. The technology is highly efficient and helpful in terms of promoting inclusivity. Even though this technology is still in its infancy, progress is being made annually to make it more precise and natural sounding. Artificial Intelligence Text-to-Speech software can change how we communicate with each other, providing more equal opportunities for everyone. Developers should strongly consider investing in these developments to keep the world open and accessible for all.


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I spent many years working with developmentally challenged adults and kids who had great receptive skills but lacked the ability to communicate. At the time, pre-program speech devices help. Text to speech enhanced by AI will open up a new world for many people. Thanks for outlining this in your post.

Hi Jim, thanks for sharing your experiences with working with this population of people.

It has been a rewarding career.

Hi Brenda,

Wanted to come give this a read before getting cleaned up for work.

It seems to me that text to speech is good, but there still needs to be vast improvement on speech to text. I notice on training videos here, as well as on YouTube there are many instances it gives wrong words.

I tried to train the Dragon speech to text years ago, and it couldn't perform well enough as it had a hard time with my accent in getting words correct. I was spending more time in editing than it was worth, in some cases it being so mangled I wasn't even sure what I had said when reading what it was spitting out.

The ability to generate human looking and sounding AI is somewhat frightening for me. Frank shared a video the other day of an AI generated music video of Drake, and the person who was reacting to it said Drake needed to hire them as they did his song better than he did.

Great for those of us who are camera shy, but not so good for influencers in general. I read of one of the Ice named rappers (the one who did the Friday movies, not the law and order series) saying he was going to sue the AI company that ever allows his likeness to be used.

It feels like we are on a new unexplored frontier.



Hi Jason, I do see your point. Thanks for sharing. Of course, the technology is still in its infancy. Over time, it will get better. I could not use Dragon speech because my speech was not perfect due to my deafness. I have to depend on hearing people listen to the voices before I can proceed since I can't hear it and will only know if it's good.

Good afternoon my sister, I pray all is well and that your experiencing happiness and success throughout this day. AI, what a beautiful thing it is. it's what I promote with Nowsite. I only been on board for a couple months however, I'm making more sales than ever, I create outstanding websites, blogs, ads, promotions, and I do this with a click of a button and within a few minutes it is in front of me, it just doesn't get any better than this, and I received 10 or more good leads each and every morning, actually when I'm asleep, so I definitely get it. It is without a doubt one of the most outstanding happenings that I have came across in my online business since 2018. May prosperity in good health be always with you.

Hi Earl, thanks for stopping by to comment. Thanks for sharing your experience with that lead generation program, Nowsite. I saw it before on Instagram. I understand its AI lead generation costs $49 to $99 a month, like a CRM. Ouch. Similar to the Synthesia video, it's costly too. That's nice to know it's working out well for you.

You are living the day dream so well!

I've been with wealthy affiliate since 2018, I've been on this road of affiliate and internet marketing since 2018, I do well, but it's been an uphill battle until now. If I choose to say something, you definitely should choose to listen. AI is the future and the future is now, embrace or be left behind, that is the bottom line, because it is not going away, it is a tool that can open many doors for you. May prosperity and good health we always with you.

A beautiful good morning to you my sister, actually I pay $89 a month and I receive unlimited everything. To be absolutely truthful with you, the leads that I receive when I'm asleep each and every night 7 days a week is worth more than that. I would pay triple if it had been the price for what I receive. I made my money back in the very first day of being on board with AI. As I had said before this is indeed a beautiful dream come true for me, but not only for me, for so many others that I know that are doing very, very well because of AI. Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday my dear sister.

Thank You so much!

You said it twice already, Redundant information.

That's quite incredible, Brenda! Thanks for sharing all this.


Hi Susan, sure. I am happy that I wrote it. I hope to find the right technology for me to use for the text-to-speech ones. Some of these technology available are costly. There are many of them to choose from just that the prices can be unaffordable for new marketers like myself.

I can imagine it would be costly. But hopefully you'll be able to find something that works for you. That would be great!

Yes, I agree. I've been researching the different benefits, features, and pricing, and I need help deciding the best fit. Some members have helped me to find a few best ideas for videos. I have to plan my budget and use it strategically. I have to narrow it down to three options and then pick the best one that fits my budget.

Best of luck with finding one that meets your needs, Brenda. :-)

Great article Brenda. Thanks. I have also used voice to text as well. Taking minutes of meetings, for example.

LowellAnn, thank you for reading and sharing your experience with the technology; yours is voice-to-text. This is the opposite. It's text-to-voice. Different technology!

Yes. I was speaking from another user perspective as a way to point to a similar advantage. As a person who also has hearing problems,I find both technologies are useful for different things.

I am aware that there is voice-to-text technology. That doesn't benefit me as a person who can't hear. Sure, I can speak, but it does sound like my voice has some speech challenges.

Hey Siri, you can't even understand me at all. It will say, "I am sorry I did not get that." I tried signing to it (LOL) it said, "Sorry, I did not get that." GRRRR. I turned Siri OFF.

Currently, the only way to communicate with people who can hear is to use my iPhone text. Or use iPhone notes as a form of text communication. They can talk to my phone, which will translate from voice to text without a problem. But I can't do that. I can sign to them if the hearing person knows American Sign Language (ASL). My whole family is Deaf. I have been using ASL since I learned the language as an infant, and I am now nearly 60 years old.

I love the Sythensia video. But it's costly to use. I am still searching for the right product for me. One day I hope to discover which works best for me.

Amazing! Thanks for sharing Brenda.

Sure, you are welcome!

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