Better SEO is All About Attention to Detail

Last Update: April 05, 2022

The image I've shared here is a case-in-point about why you need to pay close attention to the SEO factors that affect your search rankings.

I wanted to see the website of the Bentonville - Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce.

I searched for that exact phrase.

I clicked the top result and was taken to a site that is NOT the Bentonville - Bella Vista Area Chamber of Commerce, but instead, a parked domain page.

I took a quick look at the source code for their actual site. It's a nicely designed WordPress-powered website. But from an SEO standpoint, there's a critical mistake in the homepage's "title" tag. The phrase "Bella Vista" isn't in it.

To be more specific, the actual name of the organization, which already targets its local search results nicely, isn't the first thing Google sees.

Is that the factor holding them back from the #1 spot in the results? We can't know for sure because SEO is a little bit of a guessing game that requires testing and trial and error.

But I have a hunch that's probably a major issue.

Higher rankings require attention to detail, and attention to detail is what often makes all the difference in the results.

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Zoopie Premium
Very nicely explained about attention to detail.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You make a very valid point, Brandon! It has given me an insight when I go to promote my book site which will direct readers to the books I have written which are on Amazon KDP!

Thanks for this!