Would YOU even Know if You got Ripped Off today?

Last Update: October 06, 2010

Do you honestly want to begin making money by ONLY working "Hard & Diligently" on what is working????

While avoiding the kind of information fed to you in such a way that you need to stay on hoping for more...........

Then Go to the Warrior Forum,.......JOIN.........then pay the $37.00 ONE TIME fee and join the War Room.

Then get to work on what you learn there.

And be prepared for the fact that it is very different advice than you are finding in here.

Take good care of your education and business building funds.,..and Your Business will Reward YOU Sooner Than Later.

 If you have been in here for more than six months with no success, then;

1. you are lazy

2. you are overwhelmed and trying too much at the same time

3. paralyzed.....with TOO Much info. dumped on you with no map and no sense of which comes first.

4. totally and completely wasting your time learning what does not work.

5. You have people signed up under you and you are earning more commissions than you spend,...or are hoping too.

Get your calculator out and figure out if you are getting $97. worth out of your membership?

And if you are not and yet still promoting it to others,.....Shame on you.

When what goes around finally comes around,... and it lands in your LAP,.....you earned it...;-))




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BradB Premium
Thanks all 2 more days and I'm off.......actually I'm already off to other things but what the hay....eh.
Banta Premium
Every where you go your need to follow instructions and work hard. Yet, if you're learning and applying, you will honestly know that yourself. Some came with exciting success story after 2-4 years. We all got different levels and other personal activities which at times makes the pace of digesting all provided at WA.

Best wishes!
BradB Premium
Hi Labman, Gimme a break......
The warrior forum doesn't have an affiliate program!!!
If it does nobody told me...

AS far as funds??? think about what you could buy for $97 per month that has a value on it proven by multiple sources.
One month a membership at the War room. with change left over.
The next month a research center like Market Sam or Micro Niche..
The next month hosting for 3 years and a coffee and a sandwhich...(don't ever eat ant the Mac...)

The truth is that there is enough in the warrior forum for NADA that you will not need to buy any training unless it is specialized.......

If you do not believe me,...please my fellow seeker of a better life.......due the due diligence,,,(and no that is not a dance),..;-))
Take good care.
And don't be a SUCKER.
bbridger at zoho.com just in case.
Kathy389 Premium
I understand what you are saying. I have learned more from other programs that I have not had to pay for. The information was clear and easy to follow. Thanks for your recommendation and the best of luck to you.
Labman Premium Plus
I'm wondering if you are using negative marketing strategy to promote this or if you really want us to check this out. Perhaps the Newbies that haven't become cynical are the target? Just wondering. And yes I'm going to look but funds don't allow yet another purchase.