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Last Update: Jul 11, 2017


Here's a useful tool for capturing screen shots for those using Windows 10.

Go to the "search" space at the bottom left of the page, Type in "snip it" or if your computer recognizes your voice just say "snip it" and enter of course.

A small window will appear, probably on the left hand side of your screen.

Go to "New" and select which way you want to capture your screen shot. If you select "rectangle" for example the you just select the rectangular are you want. You can the save it, copy it, print it or send it to someone.

Hope this helps.

Recent Comments


Rika turned me on to this a while back. I can easy-to-use. Debbie

Wow! That's great! I just tried it!

Glad you like it.

Thank you, David, very responsive just tried it most helpful.

Gal you like it

Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the info.

You're welcome

I use this all the time

This does help. Thank you

You are welcome

Oh, tbis is just what I need! Thank you!!!

You're welcome - I'm glad it's some help.

Thank you David. it comes up as snipping tool,A great help!

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