Does Yahoo Block Gmail and Google App Mail?

Last Update: January 23, 2020

What are your thoughts on Yahoo Mail? I have had a lot of different email accounts over the last 24+ years of doing the Intenet Marketing thing. I have had hotmail, yahoo, gmail, msn, live and probably a few other emails on the free platforms. I know people still using aol. com email and probably paying for a service that they are not even using. I like gmail and google apps mail.

Recently, I decided to switch to a new mass email program for one of my businesses. The domain I used is on google apps.(i.e. I have domain email that uses the gmail platform) . I started out slow emailing to really good emails on my list that usually open my emails thinking to warm up the service.

Looking at the reports, the majority of my soft bounces are from yahoo. I managed to get a number through to yahoo, but a have a signifcant number of yahoo emails not getting through.

I went and checked my old yahoo address recently and noticed that the inbox was completely cleaned out. I did not do this, so I guess yahoo took it upon itself to clean the box for me.

Based on a few tests, I see that yahoo seems to be blocking emails from my gmail account and email from services that shouldn't be having any issues. Maybe the yahoo addresses on my list are seeing the same thing from yahoo that I have experienced. Everything is being blocked for some reason to my yahoo address, with the exception of a few spam game sites I used to play many years ago.

What do you think? Have you seen similar results trying to reach yahoo mail users from gmail or other providers?

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drjec Premium
I haven’t experienced this personally, but I know a few people who had concerns. After checking I realized that most of my contacts are not on Yahoo.
bothewebguy Premium
Thanks for the feeback. I run newsletter for several companies. I am looking to get away from mailchimp.