What's Your Bounce Rate And Search Traffic?

Last Update: March 20, 2017

I get about 300 people a day to my website and my bounce rate is 7.5%. Not that I receive much traffic, but I've never had a website with a bounce rate higher than 10% in over a year and half.

Not trying to gloat, but I always hear people have like 80% bounce rates.

What am I doing right that you are doing wrong? Or is it just because my traffic isn't very high yet? Is below an acceptable sample to question how I keep my bounce rate low?

This is my lifetime stats from my website(I know I've been slacking):

As you can see. My bounce rate stays consistently low with a fairly straight line. Same for pages/session averaging 2.83 pages. And session duration a straight line too.

The thing is, I have close to the same stats with my second website as well, jut with less traffic.

Both high pages per sessions and low bounce rates.

I just need more websites to compare with so I can understand my own data better.

Please share your data. and maybe even website link. I would love to analyze some websites. Not that I'm an expert. But I might learn something(:

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Marcus1978 Premium
My average bounce rate for the past 30 days is 68.30%, but my website ranks well and I do get referrals to WA.
mijareze Premium
Somewhere around 40% is the average according to what I have read.
PatsyC Premium
Interesting information, and it's awesome that you get about 300 people a day to your website!
WilliamBH Premium
Very impressive Brandon. Cheers, William.