Free Products-One Benefit About Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: February 02, 2017

There are many benefits to affiliate marketing. A few examples would be: You get to be your own boss. You decide what projects to work on, how much money you want to make, and how many hours you want to work.

Want to take a vacation, but feel you still need to meet some deadlines?

You can take your work with you because anywhere there's an internet connection, you have access to your work.

I've decided, this past month,(not as a new years resolution, but as an "It's gonna happen because it's my dream kind of motivation") That I'm gonna start traveling the world end of 2017 beginning of 2018.

I'll be basically buying a one way ticket to another country and then start backpacking through the continents after.

I don't have an exact date yet, but I've been doing my researching for the past few weeks on how I'm gonna do it and I have a pretty solid plan, I think.

(Coachsurfing was one of my thoughts if any WA'ers want to host me in a year or 2 and maybe help each other on sites when I visit.)

I just need to pay off a little bit of debt, which should be taken care of within the next 6 months and get my passport.

And this is all because of WA's training that I'll be able to travel. So if you haven't upgraded to premium yet. My decision to upgrade is what is leading me to travel real soon. So, I totally recommend you upgrade.Like Today!

Anyways, got a little sidetracked.

As I was saying. While we have these awesome benefits as affiliate marketers, there is one benefit that many people don't talk about.

And that's being able to try out Products for Free from different companies.

This opportunity won't always rise up right away, but if you stick around long enough eventually it will.

So if you're wondering how people may approach you with a Free product to. I wanted to show you an example from my recent experience.

I've talked about Uber in my past blogs because it's a niche that I'm currently in. Yesterday a rideshare company that tries to help Uber drivers basically maximize their profits by selling informational products found my website and sent me an email.

Here it is.

Note: As I'm not trying to promote anything on here, I blocked out anything personal or anywhere the company name would've been displayed

If you can't read the image the email reads:

Hello Brandon:
I noticed that you market rideshare products and services, I have a new affiliate program and would love to send you copies of our information product for uber drivers and entrepreneurs () and let you review it. I believe it would be very profitable for you via our affiliate program.
We offer 50% commissions on every sale. Sign up as an affiliate here () if you think our product is of good enough quality to offer to your visitors and followers.
I’ve already taken the liberty of setting up a discount code for you with credit so you can place your order and check out our now product. No cost to you. If you are interested, send me an email at


I responded back letting him know I would love to check out the product and to send me the codes. then he responded with this next image.

This image read:

Hello Brandon:

Thanks for the response. Here are two coupon codes for 100% of the value. Just go through the normal ordering process, but use the coupon codes instead.

For the uberX kit - use (Code) in the coupon code field.

For the uber Black kit- use (Code) in the coupon code field.

Please let me know if you have any issues doing this.


After He gave me the coupon codes I checked out both products.

You can see the first product was $47.

But at checkout with the code applied it was FREE.

Product number 2 was $49.99

But With the second Coupon Code it was free at checkout.

Even though not every product I'll be interested in, these ones I am. It's $97 worth of free products that I got, and the products could not only increase my personal earnings from driving they can also increase my affiliate earnings if I find them of true value and decide to market the products on my website and earn commissions.

Depending on your niche you could receive free health products to try out, or you could receive free information that's usually charged to increase your earnings like in my case.

But another advantage to trying these products is not only are they free, these companies that send you products to review are new potential revenue streams to increase your earnings even more than what they are now.

Especially if it's a company that approaches you with a fairly new product in your niche, and just happens to be something you fall in love with and know others will too if they check it out.

Who else has been able to try a companies product out for free? Was it a physical product or a downloadable information product like mine? Did you fall in love with your free product?

Share your experience in the comments.

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MrsKiersten Premium
I just got my first free product to review! I have a beauty blog and saw a smart mirror at CES that I was personally interested in. However, the mirror is $200 and seemed a bit expensive because I was skeptical about how well it would work. So I asked the company if they would let me review one and they sent me one for free that I can keep. Unfortunately, there was a hardware issue, so they are currently replacing it, but I'm still excited to finally have a "sponsored" product. I figure it will be easier to get more free products once I have a sponsored review published.
boston10111 Premium
That's awesome that things are working out for you. Just be careful with sponsored post. A couple may be ok but if you have to many then you will ruin your credibility with your audience which you don't want to do either. The free product that I got isn't a sponsored post. I never promised to promote. I just said said if I like then ya, I'll blog about it. But if I don't like it then I won't even mention it. Only promote what you personally thought was of value to yourself.

Best regards,
VeronicasLuv Premium
WOW!!! That's pretty cool!!!