Feeling Overwhelmed?

Last Update: January 20, 2017

Does it feel like there is too much to learn in internet marketing? Too much to do? Too many things to try? And you feel so behind even though you're not sure how far you should be anyway?

I joined WA through Kyle's example bootcamp site, and one of the things he mentioned as a downside in his honest WA review was that WA can cause an overwhelming feeling of "information overload."

It's common in our niche, especially for newbies, to feel like there is an infinite amount of stuff to do and learn. And on one hand it's sort of true. However, you don't need to feel like you have to swallow everything as soon as possible.

Pacing yourself is actually one of the wisest things you can do early on in your journey. Until you get your bearings, one of the main things you will be doing is just studying and practicing basic internet/blogging/wordpress stuff.

Got a full time job and don't feel like you can commit that much time to starting a side gig? That's actually probably a good thing. Taking just a few hours a week aside to complete the WA training will prevent you from information overload and "brain dumping" (forgetting!) everything.

And if you're unemployed or something and trying to do this full-time to start out... Well, that might not be a good idea for most people. Maybe do a few hours a day at most, but take a break if you start feeling you're drowning.

As you gain confidence, you can slowly increase your workload and begin to come up with routines. Then streamline those routines as you continuously learn and create content on a regular basis!

So go ahead and absorb a lot of information, but don't try to take in more than you can handle. The WA course is more than enough to start out with, so follow the steps and stick with that first.

Remember: content, content, content! Keep making new posts as you learn so you have something to work with as you discover new ways of using your website! It's okay to start slow!

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Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your blog post, I believe that we can all suffer from information overload and we definitely need to pace ourselves! After a few hours in front of my laptop, I like to try and do something totally different, preferably outside, walking the dog is perfect if you have a dog! I like your last paragraph content, keep writing!

All the best to you both, Roy.
Boothe Premium
It's scientific. It's good to take breaks like that. :D
Pjamotai48 Premium
i love it. so work on your website/content? i just purchased my domain but idk if i should work on my website now?
Is there alot of research to do to get info for your website?
Boothe Premium
Hey there! Just follow the WA training step by and you can't go wrong. Once you've finshed the training, keep making content!
AppleofGold Premium
Oooohhhh! That's what is wrong with me, LOL! I was unemployed, newly retired and spending up to 15 hours per day /night trying to take it all in!

Now, my situation has changed and I have been chaffing at that. Now, after reading this, I may be able to better accept the fact that I am missing out on more than 8 hours of work that I used to devote to this.

Thanks, you have no idea! I was obsessed!

Boothe Premium
Sometimes it takes the advice of someone who has been there/done that to help you see the light. xD
MKearns Premium
Max out what you can handle and make it shine Tennyson!
Boothe Premium
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hi there,

I totally agree with you, the WA course is more than enough and I make sure to spend 45 minutes in every hour just with the training. The other 15 minutes I spend trying to answer questions and generally catching up with other members.

This is an amazing platform and I'm enjoying every minute of it.


Boothe Premium
Yes it is! And I'm glad you're in it! :)