Wealthy Affiliate Isn’t About Work From Home Anymore

Last Update: Jan 29, 2023

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You might be wondering what I mean by my title. I have been noticing since the start of the global pandemic that the words “Work From Home” do not mean the same thing as before the Covid lock downs.

Before the world economies were upended by Covid-19, when someone said they were involved in a work from home opportunity, it most likely was some form of Multi-Level Marketing or E-Commerce.

However the global pandemic changed all of that. Now the term “Work From Home” applies to regular jobs that allow their employees to work at home. This is also called Hybrid, Remote and Virtual Jobs.

Even the phrase “Work At Home” means the same as work from home. So what would you call the type of opportunities that Wealthy Affiliate offers those who finish the training and build their online businesses?


I have subscribed to the free Google Alerts for more than 6 years. It’s a really great way to learn about current news and what people are talking about in many different areas, most importantly your niche.

With Google Alerts you will get a daily news dump of articles and blogs about anything you wish. You can use Google Alerts for keyword research, niche research and content ideas. Kyle recommends it here.

One of the alerts I have set up to come to my inbox is Work From Home. I have noticed that prior to the global pandemic the majority of news articles were about MLM and the 3 main types of E-Commerce.

However, now the majority of the work from home category is about companies that offer employees the chance to work at home full-time or part-time. These are “Hybrid” “Telework” and “Remote” jobs.


Wealthy Affiliate really does not fall into the work from home category anymore. In fact, Affiliate Marketing never really did fall into this category when you consider the business model and how it works.

Other than affiliate marketing online, what category or term best suits what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer? “Work From Anywhere.” The reason for this stems from the fact that you are not tied to one area.

When you work for an employer that offers remote, hybrid and work from home opportunities, they more than likely will require you to live nearby so you can come into the office for things like meetings.

However, when you are your own boss and are not actually selling a product from a specific area, you literally can work from anywhere. According to FlexJobs, work from anywhere jobs meet these criteria.

1. A job that requires ZERO location restrictions.

2. Does not require any time in an office or place of business.

3. Is either freelance, part-time or full-time where you have control of your schedule.


Now that many people who had jobs allowing them to work at home have tasted this new work-life balance, they are not excited to go back into the office. This has created a lot of people looking for new work.

Most are looking for companies that offer a work from anywhere option. Companies like Polygon Technology, Airbnb, Car and Classic, ModSquad and many more, are now hiring employees from anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a different work from anywhere job, to learn how to be your own boss in your affiliate marketing online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a work from anywhere job creation opportunity.

With 54% of people searching for “Work From Anywhere” jobs with established companies, WA can offer these people the same experience but instead as their own boss. Please leave your comments below.

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Recent Comments


Great post. Very helpful for this newbie. Thanks

You are welcome Dave. Happy to have shared this new reality.

Working from home, really has changed. The way you put how people are now liking the idea of working at home. Open up a whole new market. I know people who are working from home but they are employees of a company. Something to tap into. Thanks

You are welcome. The Covid lock down definitely created a new market of workers. Most of those who got to work from home loved it and do not want to go back into the office.

Wealthy Affiliate can help these people to work from anywhere, or like Maria (MTCandela1) has commented, "Work Anywhere at Anytime" a whole new class of workers.

You work without a boss and can earn your living in multiple ways stress-free.
from anywhere. It needs strong discipline on your part when officing. Financial freedom comes with a price. Use your opportunity here at Wealthy Affiliate.
You always influence me with your helpful and practical posts.
Thank you for this one.

You are welcome and you are correct. When you work from home or anywhere for that matter, one needs strong discipline to focus on getting the job done.

You are absolutely right Rob!”The Work At Home” statement does not mean the same way today as how it did before Covid.
And coining the exact and proper way,had actually defined what one means as one works anywhere at anytime!
“Work anywhere at anytime” should really be the phrase!
And right now, with Wealthy Affiliate, I work anywhere at anytime ( which equates to working more than my full time hours , at a place where no people , pets are not allowed ) 😂

Thank you for your post Rob!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Maria 🌹

YES!! I like that! "Work Anywhere at Anytime" is the perfect phrase to describe the opportunities one can get from the training here at WA.

Along with the training and my creative outside of the box thinking, I too am able to work my affiliate business Anywhere at Anytime AND while still doing my healthcare job.

Seeing how my new niche is directly related to what I do in medical transport, many of the other EMT/EMS workers have become my customers. I will be blogging about this shortly.

If I didn't have the knowledge from Kyle's training, the ability to work anywhere at anytime, and if Covid didn't happen, I would not be where I am now financially. Strange how things work.

Thanks for the phrase. I am going to start using that. It's time I make some breakfast. It's sunny and will be 50 degrees today and tomorrow in Bergen County. Have a great Sunday Maria!

Yeap Rob! Don’t worry about the professional fee- I don’t charge much! 😂

Enjoy your breakfast and the beautiful day in NJ !

Maria 🌹


I will make sure to give you attribution as I did above in commenting to Mark (Harris57).

😂 I see Rob! I feel honored!

Seriously, you just spearheaded in naming our work in WA as “Work Anywhere at Anytime”.
Kudos to you Rob!


Well I have to stick by the side of my new-found NJ friend, who I am intrigued that we may have met in our common medical circles.

As everyone says, IT IS A SMALL WORLD! But because of the intensity of the work we do, we could have crossed our path a thousand times, and not having had a formal introduction, having worked in the same areas together! 😄

Back in 1999 one of my best friends was a NICU nurse at Hackensack and there was a few times I would be the designated driver when she and other nurses would go out drinking.

Many times there were nurses from other hospitals that they would meet up with. Did you ever go out with other nurses from other hospitals? But you are correct, it’s a small world.

Yes, I know some NICU RNs from Hackensack as some of them work in St. Barnabas as well! I worked in Hackensack NICU through an agency, and through my travel staffing agency, I worked in almost all Hospitals in the Northeast, except bad areas like Paterson & Newark, as I had few violent encounters, having witnessed a physical altercation in Newark involving guns and drugs, as I was approaching my after my 12 hour work, and the gangs in Paterson were about to disable my car ( I was driving a 300ZX then) while I stop on a red light) by throwing a huge stone on my windshield, but I was quick to step on my gas , and few seconds later, 4 police cars were after me and cornered me , coming from all 4 different directions!!!
So NO Newark and Paterson for me -since then!!!
Englewood to Holy Name to Valley and Clara Maas to Chilton , Pasqack valley,etc , I have been !
We could have even partied together in most of the hospital parties! 😀

The more I chat with you and look at your pictures, the more I know we must have crossed paths, and I think it was more than just a passing in a hallway.

Every hospital you mentioned, I have sent and retrieved patients. I also do not like Paterson and Newark, though the campus of Rutgers Hospital isn't too bad.

Every other week I have to transport recovering opioid and heroine addicts to their methadone clinics and wait for them. They are always in the most rundown areas of Paterson and Newark.

I am always keeping my eyes open for anyone shady approaching my vehicle, but never making eye contact. I pray often that nothing happens.

We do these methadone runs everyday, 6 times a day, in the early morning hours. For safety reasons we rotate our drivers so everyone is not going all the time.

The things I have seen and experienced, as you know, would probably frighten ordinary people to quit. However, I like it. I believe I/we are doing God's work.

Have a great night Maria.

Your work is challenging in a different way than the challenge I do in mine! I prefer doing mine better. I can handle 10 tubes hanging in my patients, work with them on ventilators, and chest tubes, etc. But I cannot do yours, as yours is more intense! I don't do well with danger! My Newark and Paterson experiences traumatized me for life.

I believe the things that we do, would frighten ordinary people. But this is our calling! Indeed, we are doing God's work, that's why we are protected.
With the gun shooting while I was in the midst of the altercation, I was surprised to have left the scene unhurt! Same with you, as you deal with them everyday.

To God be the glory, Great things He has done!🙏

My good friend Caryn, the NICU nurse said the same thing to me recently. She said the caring for the basic needs of premature and severely ill newborn infants is her calling.

She likes the feeding, changing diapers., inserting intravenous lines, performing tests and administering medications. She said her patients are great but some of the parents are...

I couldn't do what she does and she said she couldn't do what I do. We all have specialized roles and we both believe that God put us in these roles for a reason. We carry on.

Absolutely Rob!

And I am glad for that. However, we can all be affiliate marketers, and isn’t that awesome! 😎

Thanks for this information

You are welcome.

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