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Added Jun 23, 2020
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Google Alerts is an effective strategy for learning about your niche, but also revealing many ideas and opportunities within your niche. You can in essence "watch" specific keywords are ideas in Google and as new content is published and indexed in their search engine, they will notify you through email.

In this video training I am going to be walking you through the following topics:

  • How to use Google Alerts to track your niche
  • Setting up and managing alerts
  • Purposes and uses for alerts
  • Best practices for monitoring a niche

Google Alerts is a must within any niche that you are attempting to build a business within. It is going to lead to a much greater expertise and understanding of your niche, as well as a consistent flow of "golden opportunities" that are automatically sent to your inbox each and every day!

To access Google Alerts and to manage your existing alerts, you can go here:

If you have any questions about Google Alerts or any of the material covered within this training, please leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

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EPuffenburge Premium
Great training, will use this tool the further I go
Thank You
Claudioj Premium
Many thanks, Kyle I´m using this great tool!
DKMade Premium
I actually learned to use Google alerts when I was doing my market research for my business plan for my brick & mortar business I had hoped in getting off the ground in the near future.

I can't believe I never thought of doing within my niche.....duh. Sometimes the easiest answers are the hardest to see. Thanks for dropping this bit of knowledge on us Kyle!

I also found using Staista for some good Market research as well as some free infographics to use, just read their terms of usage at the bottom of the page.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you Kyle.

Awesome training as always.
Jfontaine1 Premium
Funny. Just finished a lesson talking about google alert and bam! Here's that post at the very same moment. :0)
Kyle Premium Plus
What impeccable timing! It is definitely a very useful platform and I highly recommend you utilize Google Alerts in your niche/space that you are building your website in. It will produce lots of "gems" over time.