How the Coronavirus Created Popular Niche Markets

Last Update: Oct 18, 2020

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The world as we know it has changed since the start of 2020. The emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease known as Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, has made an already established niche market far more in demand by practically everyone.


A few years ago I began to miss the day to day human in-person interaction that you do not get from being a work at home online marketer. Even though I wasn't going to give up affiliate marketing and making money online, I decided to rejoin the workforce in the healthcare space.

Why did I join the healthcare industry? To tell you the truth, I sort of don't know. Sometimes I enjoy trying new things, just like when I tried affiliate marketing after being a successful Top Rated eBay Power Seller. Little did I know that this change would have a profound impact.

I became a medical transportation driver also known as an N-EMT. The bulk of my duties are to transport not just the sick and diseased people but also those with disabilities and mobility issues. I get exposed to all types of germs from nursing homes, hospitals as well as patients.

Though I always took basic protections by keeping my immune system strong and wearing gloves and other PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) when entering a contaminated area, now with COVID-19 I have to do more. This more is for the protection of all those around me.

No matter where you stand on the issue of wearing a face mask, the fact of the matter is that they are effective based on which type you use and when. However, some take it too far and this necessity is the mother of invention for an established niche that everyone now seeks.


If you are a new member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) or a veteran member looking for a new niche to earn money from, consider the health & safety niche market. This niche is exploding in demand, and not just because of COVID-19. Safety equipment is a fast-growing niche.

A little more than 2 years ago I wrote a WA blog post called, High Visibility Clothing - Can a Color be a Niche? In it I describe how the high visibility color of lime green is being incorporated into many products and gear because of its ability to be seen from far away.

Now in these days of COVID-19 I have seen many people both professionals and ordinary citizens that are wearing face coverings in this high visibility color. This of course is not for masks that protect the wearer but cloth coverings that are meant only to slow down spread.

I am not saying you should create an affiliate marketing website solely on face masks and cloth face coverings. It would be best to offer a broader range of PPE to include gloves, face shields, goggles, gowns and even hand sanitizers. You could even include related cleaning products.

Though all of these were in demand before COVID-19, there will be more of a demand going forward. As we in healthcare have experienced, having our own supply helps tremendously when government cannot facilitate the PPE. Personally I have a 2-month supply just in case.


Regardless of whether you agree with mask wearing or not, a majority of the world's population does and is constantly looking to purchase them. This is something you should take advantage of because N95, KN95 and Surgical masks are meant to be worn once and disposed of.

People like me in healthcare will need to buy these in bulk or on a continuing basis. Cloth masks need to be worn once and immediately washed before wearing it again. This will require people to have several. In other words, no matter the type, people will want to purchase often.

You may wonder, how the Coronavirus created popular niche markets? What happened was ordinary people not associated with the healthcare industry, are looking for the same kinds of PPE. There has always been a health & safety niche, now everyone wants a piece of it.

The reason I am bringing this to light was what I noticed after going up on PPE supplier websites looking at prices for N95, KN95 & Surgical masks. I noticed two of the websites I looked at have affiliate programs. I thought, people will want to spend money on this niche.

Another thing to consider is PPE, especially N95 & KN95 masks have been used by people in construction and garbage processing for decades. This segment alone makes Health & Safety a popular niche regardless of COVID-19. These are the websites I am looking to buy from.

Midwest PPE

NOTE: THESE ARE NOT AFFILIATE LINKS. To view their affiliate program details, scroll to the bottom of their Home screen and click on the link to their Affiliate Program.

E-Safety Supplies

If you should decide to get into the Health & Safety niche beyond just general PPE, I recommend the E-Safety Supplies website because they have a far broader selection of products including virus disinfectant cleaning supplies which are still difficult to buy in stores.

Remember that a niche can be practically anything and in this age of COVID-19, it only makes sense to capitalize on the products that the world population has a high demand for. I'd like to know your thoughts on this. Leave them below with any questions and may you be profitable.

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A very thoughtful post. No doubt the health and safety niche has become a primary focus this year.

As Kyle and others members have written about, there are niches to consider between now and the next few years. Niches such as home workout/exercise, online education, gardening, and DIY(do it yourself) projects are all relevant niches to learn about. But health/safety niche is great, especially with masks/face coverings.

Great post- thanks for sharing!



Yes. Another byproduct niche of Coronavirus is home and self exercise clothing and equipment. More people are exercising at home and at the parks now that many gyms are either closed or have limited capacity.

As for niches in general, there are more than 1,000,000 with new ones emerging everyday. There are also many niches that most people overlook like anything having to do with Star Wars or a specific sports team or player.

If a group of people follow it, are fans of it, use it, enjoy it, and experience it, these are all niches. Just go into a magazine and newspaper store. Each magazine represents at least one broad niche market. There's just so many niches to choose from.

It's brilliant. I am actually an affiliate of a cloth face mask company. And yes, I've had sales on those. My niche isn't about face masks or safety but it has health overtones and it made sense to offer a mask. I also offer masks on my 'grandma's gifts' site for kids.

It might be worth starting a niche site on just health and safety though. I think we'll be dealing with this virus and more to come for a long while.


Even if you do not create a health & safety niche website and you have just a general health niche website, these safety products are closely related.

And yes, COVID-19 will be with us for quite a while even after a vaccine. There will be more outbreaks of viruses to come, plus we still have the flu.

Spot on!

You are welcome Joe.

Great post.
The face shield is another niche.
How does one identify face masks that don't steam up one's glasses?

Thank you.

There are three very easy ways to prevent fogging of glasses.

1. Make sure the top edge of the mask is between your skin and the bottom of the glasses. In other words, if you put the mask on, making sure the wire nose piece forms a somewhat snug fit, then put your glasses on and make sure your glasses are on top. See attached image.

If this still doesn't work try the following.

2. Fold a 1 inch wide by 5 inch long piece of tissue and place it on the inside of the mask between the nose wire section of the mask and your nose. Again make sure your glasses are on top of the mask like in the image below.

3. If you have non-irritating / hypoallergenic surgical tape, use it to create a snug air tight seal over the bridge of your nose and just under your eyes.

Regardless of which you do, always create a way to block exhale from coming up in the area near your inner eyes and nose.

I don't use that wire type but will the try the other techniques suggested.

You are welcome.

The reason glasses fog up is because when you exhale some of your breath escapes on either side of your nose by your inner eyes. Just make sure there is no opening there and you will not get any fogging.

e safety supplies is through share a sale which makes it even better. Thanks for the information. Will go well with my health matters site.

That is awesome! You are very welcome Cathy. I am happy that this information and that the ESS website will be helpful to your site. I really like the selection of products on their website. I will be placing an order with them in the near future.

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