Boffy Niche Blog #2 - The Niche & Keywords


If you read the #1 Boffy Niche Blog then you should know that this week I had to research a niche subject and find some relevant keywords.

I'm actually so excited about this project I did the research the following day and so here is the second post.

The Niche Topic:

If you are new to online business then a common niche selection strategy is to write a list of 7 ideas from the following areas: Passions, Problems and Fears.

I have an interest in Certification/Training websites. These sites provide information about getting into a career through training or qualifications and tend to be more information based and less spammy. A great bonus for this is that there are a lot of content opportunities with this style of site and so I'm going to try and pick this as my niche selection.

Niche Keywords:

The next step is to jump into your preferred keyword tool and start pumping ideas into it. You want to find at least 10 suitable keywords related to your niche, if you are using Jaaxy then Kyle recommends the following:

  1. More than 50 monthly searches (sometimes ANY traffic is OK)
  2. Less than 300 QSR. (the lower the less competition).
  3. Keyword must make sense.
I usually play with a few keyword tools but for this project I have specifically used Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner. After looking for less than 30minutes I have found 20 strong keywords in my niche and here is a screenshot from Jaaxy.

The Domain:

With my keywords selected, I went onto NamesCheap and purchased the domain. Luckily this domain was a phrase that I was searching for, you don't need an exact match domain but you should have your keyword if possible.

After changing the nameservers I knew I would have a few hours to wait so this gives me a perfect time to think about the future plans for this site.

Goals for the Week?

Now that the domain is purchased, it is time to set up the site.

  • Configure the WordPress settings, install the must-have plugins
  • Decide on a website structure, the categories and menu layout
  • Implement widgets in the sidebar
  • Look into other relevant websites for inspiration, topics and ideas for the content in Week 3

My Quote For The Week!

As you may have noticed, I'm spending an entire week on setting up the website - not rushing to get pages or content on the site. I want to have solid foundations and no silly mistakes, this is why I have opted for a classic expression instead of a quote for this week.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it burned in one - Medieval French Proverb

Want to get Involved?

Please leave me a comment below and join me on this journey.

If you already have a site then let me know your current situation, if you are brand new to WA then 'Get Started with Level 1' while following my blog.

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Recent Comments


Great advise for anyone still looking for their niche. You could even take something from each of your three columns and mix them together for your niche.

Make your number one goal in blogging be to spread your love of something to others and the visitors will come flooding in and the money will follow.

Make your number one goal be to make money from blogging and you'll meet with disappointment at every turn.

Oh my God this is sooooo helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience and help.

Thanks for commenting Caroline, I'm sorry to hear you also suffer from SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) like me!

I'm sure your stay here at WA will keep it at bay, especially if you're already going to pay for premium. As you are new to WA, why not join along with me and post your progress as you learn from Kyle & co.

Feel free to hitch onto my blogs as you progress!

Hi Boffy,
I have several websites (which are not making any money!), but like you, I want to make a fresh start and give this WA the full Monty.

I see what you are doing and I will follow your blog faithfully and by the end of the journey we should (must) all be making our goals. (and money!)

Best regards


Hey James, thanks for reading and commenting. More importantly, welcome to WA!

It's great to hear you're going to join me on this challenge, just be careful not to keep switching between websites - make sure you have learnt something about why you want to put the old ones on the backburner.

If you are planning to start a new site, really pay attention to keywords - go for something simple and start making a few quid a month. Yes you won't be retiring on that one site alone but going for a easy win and making money is a lot more comforting than going for a really hard set of keywords and never ranking high enough to be noticed.

Once you have done that once you know it works and you can up your game.

Keep me updated on your progress, you can post on my blog or PM me (if you upgrade to premium).

All the Best,

Great tips as usual, Boffy =) Can't wait to see your site up and running!

This is very helpful Boffy.

I've been playing with the website today, loads of ideas about how the structure will be. Should have the blog post up early next week

Great blog Boffy! Thanks for sharing that info with us!

Thanks for the input Sweden, how's the gaming site coming along?

Great! I am slowly improving and I recently changed my theme to a very attractive one, and I am very happy about that. Now I need to work on my homepage of my website.

I have not seen that 777 approach before, seems very useful indeed.

I really like it, its very simple but can bring some thought provoking interests.

Hi Boffy,

Thanks for sharing. I like your 777 approach and plan to use it in future.
PS I have my own blog but have a feeling that i'm going to wide with it, so considering to getting more narrow Niche.

Hey Maksim, thanks for the comment. I had a look at your site, such an interesting concept but its going to require a lot of content.

You might want to find a few sites that give advice to a problem and borrow some ideas to fill in your content. Something like

See if your wife can give you a hand, it could turn into a massive site but that relies on a lot of content to read with SEO to bring organic traffic (which should be your main goal).

Saying that, if this feels to large for you - park it up and try something a bit smaller until you have more confidence or direction.

I looked at your blog Maksim and like what you are trying to do.

See more comments

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One Profit Ready Website
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