What Is The Best Way to Break Writer's Block?

Last Update: Nov 22, 2021

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Have you ever experienced writer's block?

It is happening to me now... I have articles that I want to write for my website but just cannot bring myself to write them. I'm stuck!!

So, I am asking anyone here in WA... what is the best way to break writer's block? Seriously, I need help.

Why... So Much Going On?

My family and I are going through a lot of busyness lately. My daughter just danced in the Nutcracker ballet last night and has a Christmas show to prepare for in her dance classes. My wife is busy as heck with her pet-sitting business. I am working overtime to bring in immediate income to make ends meet and have some extra cash for Christmas. Through all of this none of us seem to have the time just to relax for a minute.

I am also watching a YouTube channel for locksmithing to supplement a correspondence I have been doing. I am pursuing that as a way for extra income as well as writing on my websites and over time.

I mentioned my wife and her pet sitting because she isn't home much as a result and I am cooking dinner to make sure the three of us eat.

I am not complaining but just giving you all an example of how busy our days are so you can see my dilemma.

What Do I Need to Do?

I think the first thing I need to do is slow down!!! Take a rest for a brief moment to catch my breath and relax. I have seen others post about this as well. There is a myriad of things I can do to help find the words in my writing.

One thing is I have a list of topics to write about so that part of the process is done. I just have difficulty coming up with the content for the topics. So, I am going to list the few things that I have read in the past to help with writer's block. If you can think of others... please comment below and add them to the list. This isn't just to help me, but there are probably others here that could use the same advice.

1. Go for a walk to take a break from the writing process... being out in the fresh air may inspire creativity in our minds.

2. Read a book. The same reason... reading someone else's words can also inspire and it gives you a way to relax your mind and help you become open to the flow of ideas.

3. Go watch a movie... either in the theater or stream it at home. The act of freeing and relaxing your mind will help unhinge that door and open up the free thoughts to help you write.

4. Free write through it... if you aren't focused on an actual topic then the possible stress of trying to write a particular piece or topic will release that stress.

5. Give yourself positive self-talk... feelings of doubt may be present in your mind. MelWaller has a great post on this and he has some great suggestions as well. Check it out here if you would like to read that:


Wow! I Feel Better Now...

These are just five things to do... there are actually a ton of ideas and I just thought I would add whatever came off the top of my head. Believe it or not, this post actually helped me. I will now take a short break to drink a cup of my morning coffee and jot down some notes on my phone and get to it later this evening.

If you are also suffering from writer's block, I hope this helped you just as much as it helped me. If you have any ideas you feel are worth sharing, please do. The more ideas we all see, the more they will help. So, if anyone else out there may be asking what is the best way to break writer's block?

Help is here... let us all help each other.

Thanks for reading and I thank you for your comments in advance. Don't forget to MASH that Like This button.

I wish you all the best!


Recent Comments


The first question brought a smile to my face- this bogeyman called writer's blog is like no other. Probably partly due to the volume of content we churn out it always affects everyone some time. Great coping ideas and ways you found there, Bob, great post 👌

Thanks a lot for your thoughts. I really appreciate your input. 👍

I like to free write and empty my brain of the distractions then I'm able to move on and write a post.
I'm sure you will figure it out Bob :-)

Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Lisa!! This blog was a free write post. It was liberating.

I like your ideas and because they came from you, they will probably work the best!
Be kind to yourself. You have a lot going on.

Thank you for stopping by and they aren’t all from me. I remember some of these suggestions from past posts from other members in the last years.

You've sure got a lot on your plate right now!

Luckily you can put off working on your blog a bit without doing damage. Your brain can only handle so much, and honestly, content produced under this much stress won't be worth reading.

It's okay to be nice to yourself! Make this one less thing you have to do so you can enjoy the holidays and then pick up again after the first of the year. Your blog will wait for you and still be there for sure.

Ah, that’s a good idea. It’s been too long since I’ve put an article up already.

But, you are correct… steed never helps the creative juices.

Thanks for stopping by Jeannine!

I was going to say to simply write down anything on paper and let the pen take you where it may, Bob! You've got that one covered! Deep breaths, and relax, relax! Best thing for this!


I’ll try my best. Got it figured out by free writing this blog. Thanks for you thoughts and idea. 👍

That's some excellent free writing, Bob! You should do it more often, my friend!



You're welcome!

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