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Last Update: Mar 29, 2022

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Hello, WA family and friends all around this great world of ours! I am so excited about this week's activity on my profile. Or should I say new starter member referrals' profiles? For some of you, this may not be as exciting as it is for me. You may get a good number of referrals now anyway. But for me, this is awesome news. I've never had this many referrals in one week.

New Referrals are Great!!

Never have I ever had this many as I just stated... 9 yes, 9 referrals this week alone. In fact in the last 5 days. It's not even a full week yet. I hope there are more in the next two days and then I will be able to say more. But, as it stands now it is still 9 new starter members signed up. I do hope and pray that at least 1 becomes a Premium member.

I have yet to see any of my referrals become Premium members. I have yet to figure out the exact thing to actually convert and I am trying really hard to learn what it takes for a starter member to convert to a Premium member. I know I will get it. So, if anyone here has a great training that worked for them, by all means, link it below in the comments and I will very much appreciate it.

So When Did They Sign Up?

The actual dates are as follows: I had 4 sign up on Thursday the 24th, 2 on Friday the 25th, none on the 26th, 2 yesterday the 27th, and 1 today the 28th. I am over the moon about this. You do not know how happy this made me when I saw the first 4, and then over the course of the last few days... more signed up. To me this is unbelievable. I look forward to seeing any sign-up as Premium members and working to see them be successful as well.

So far, as much as I can see. The training is working... even though I was beginning to doubt whether or not I was doing it correctly. I have been getting one referral every few months. I have a total of 29 now, including the last 9 which I have already mentioned were recent.

Well, share in my happiness by mashing the "LIKE THIS" button below and if you have anything to comment on, be my guest. I will appreciate that too! Thanks for reading...

I wish you all the best!


P.S. I was too happy about this, I didn't even do any keyword research... just started typing away!! That's not like me to do that...

Recent Comments


Congratulations on your exciting news Bob. Now the flood gates have opened there will be no stopping you :-)

Thanks, Lisa!! I sure hope so...

Bob, Wow!
That's awesome news indeed!
Well done and congratulations

Thanks, Simone, I am hoping that at least one becomes Premium... that would be awesome. And to think that was the website I was thinking of taking down. Not now. I'll just build on my new one and see what happens on the old one.

To premium conversion indeed :)

That's great, Bob.
I hope they upgrade soon.
All the best.

Me too!!! I don't expect them all to, but it would be nice. Thanks for your support... it is much appreciated.

I hope they all sign up to become premium members. I know this is unlikely, but I do wish it for you.


That would be the bomb!!! I doubt that would happen as well... I'd be happy with one becoming a premium member though. LOL!!

Thanks for stopping my, Alex.

Bob, it's always great new with signups for sure. This who have been used to this many regularly maybe take them for granted yet I understand your excitement. :) Care to share how or what you do per traffic or leads generation?
Wish you continued success moving forward.

Bill, I wish I could tell you. They came through two particular articles... mostly one was on a CBD oil MLM review. I even signed up with the MLM myself... it was free. I have yet to go to that dashboard now that I know that a few of them came from that article. Oh, and one from my About Me blog post... go figure.

Thanks for commenting... they still need to convert now.

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