I'm really in school now

Last Update: May 06, 2014

So, I am finished with Course 1, and moving on to course 2.

I have left the sandbox, and now my favorite is story time. Or video time!

I sit on the floor and listen with mouth open and eyes full of wonder as "Uncle" Kyle tells me the secrets of WA marketing. Is he great or what?

Plus when I fall down all the big boys and girls hold my hand.

By the way, what's that tag thingee this dang blog says go ahead and add below?

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Bunn Premium
You are jammin'! And way ahead of me....;)
bobbybub Premium
Oh boy!! Yippee gold is my fav
arick Premium
You get a gold star!
bobbybub Premium
Thank you Nathan
Nathanlucas Premium
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