Last Update: December 28, 2014

I've been away for awhile now. I didn't go to any physical space, I went away from virtual space even though what is here is very real and the access is in a virtual space. I just needed to clear some things out before proceeding with the strength and focus I needed to get back to my passion, my blog, and to learning the techniques and sharing with the community here. I'm not fully back, but will be soon.

So, the title says planes. And unfortunately a commercial jetliner is missing. Of course, CNN is running full coverage on it, basically repeating a lot of questions and speculation. But, none of this means much to the loved ones that are just looking for answers and realizing that they've seen their loved ones for the last time.

There are so many planes in the air. So many flights, so many get where they are going without really any incident. Yes, the seats are tight and there is turbulence sometimes. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary, but it is usually temporary and then the plane lands usually where it is supposed to. Planes are very reliable, there are few mishaps. Perishing or losing someone in one is like a lottery, but on the loss side.

When there is a catastrophic failure, and one doesn't reach its destination, it usually means no survivors. It usually means a lot of media coverage and speculation. Somehow on an earlier Malaysian flight it meant a huge mystery. A very large plane, a 777, disappeared and has yet to be found. And some odd details were around this flight. This one is very recent and has disappeared and not found, the plane is smaller, the details aren't as odd, so maybe it is a standard tragedy and there will be answers forthcoming in a reasonable time.

But it is magnified somehow during this time of year. And for some reason an area of Asia, around Malaysia and Indonesia has seen tragedies. About 10 years ago it was the tsunami the day after Christmas. This year a plane disappears. Earlier in the year another plane disappeared. There are so many tragedies, vehicle traffic accidents, freak accidents, various accidents. A ferry is on fire and it is the secondary news, though one has perished it seems most souls will be saved. But a plane incident, something is different about one.

So, if we stall in our blogs, or feel discouraged, or aren't on our targets for our goals, we still are here. We will have challenges and we don't know about tomorrow or even later in the day. So we just have to live, believe, sometimes endure, observe, be empathetic to those experiencing loss, be joyful to those experiencing rebirth, triumphs, new additions in their lives and above all, be human and keep going.


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apache1 Premium
Sad tragedy again with these planes I just heard that an Australia plane may have found the missing plane they found an oil slick amongst some wreckage however nothing has been confirmed as they are on their way to the area for further confirmation.but it looks it may not be positive outcome.
Thank you for the blog.
Manuel1947 Premium
Erol hi there,

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bmusic Premium
Did you mean to post this here?
Manuel1947 Premium
I thought you asked where you should leave your link to your site so I could make a comment there.
bmusic Premium
No, not me. I think you have me confused with someone else.