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Last Update: September 20, 2014

My sister and I are in the process of selling our family home our father passed on to us. Since it is in poor condition, our realtor went with selling it to an investor. We were very close to closing and then he came up with a new condition, one that shows he needs to grow as a human.

Doing business is a human venture. We are selling our home because of the passing of our father. It is an emotional draining thing to do. We kept things from the house that have sentimental value to us and said goodbye to the house. We did that ritual that we thought was final. The buyer at the last moment decides to add a condition, one that is making at least one of us have to go back to the house and delays the closing.

This has affected my contribution and activity at WA this past week. It's one of life's challenges, it will pass, the home will be sold, but this was unnecessary, a ploy to squeeze out a few thousand dollars from us. Yes, this is a business. But our lawyer, realtor and some others involved understood the human factor of our selling the house. The buyer is thinking dollars and cents, money, maximizing what he can get, and I think down the road this will impact him negatively in how he does future business. Our realtor never wants to deal with him again for instance.

I'm not happy that my ranking has gone down just a bit. But I'm not here for ranking, I'm here to provide information in my niche. It's something that I think will benefit those with interest in it and provide something unique. I'm also here as part of the community and try to give useful, helpful feedback. Yes, the ranking indicates less activity and keeps me abreast of how I'm doing. And that's good. But I'm here for people. I'm here as a human.

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KevinCR Premium
The buyer of the house has created bad Karma for himself and demonstrated how not to be successful in business. I hope that this sad experience is now behind you and your sister Ben.
bmusic Premium
Thanks Kevin. Almost. We close tomorrow barring any further developments. People first in business.
ChristinaR01 Premium
I have found that these people are generally unhappy and have no joy. He is already paying the price for his actions.
necopam Premium
Thankfully these people are in the minority
bmusic Premium
Thanks, that's good to know. I hope for his sake, he learns a lesson and treats others with more sensitivity going forward.