Immersion and Risks

Last Update: September 23, 2014

You know that feeling, when entering a pool and the water seems cold and you go in slowly, the feet, shins, knees, then work to fully be in the water. Then you're in and you get used to it. Sometimes I feel that way with the whole online experience. I'm feeling uncomfortable but the more I look around and see where I want to go with social/business opportunities on the web, the more comfortable I can get. I will include other ways of income as well as what we do with our blogs as our primary niche.

But there are risks involved. In expanding our businesses and trying to get more traffic leading to more income, what is right for us. Of course, beyond the flat-out scams which are numerous, what are the pros and cons with the various more legit means and what are the risks involved? I'm finding this to be a big challenge now especially when I read the work from home suggestions and sometimes recommendations of further WA members that have this as their niche.

I'd love to hear back on experiences of immersion into a means of expanding their business, the risks, pay-offs, caveats, and the like and would welcome links to blogs that discuss it as well.


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CarlaIves Premium
I'm one of those who tends to jump in with both feed. Not one for gently easing in. I got two sites out there almost immediately. Making a few bucks. It will come. I still have so much to learn. And, yeah, there are risks. Anything worth doing has risks. I'm willing to take them while I can. I may have to be more cautious at some time in the future. By then, I'm hoping my sites will be making decent $$$.
bmusic Premium
Oh yes Carla, you seem like a go-getter. I think with the effort you put in, you'll mostly come out ahead. And, to be honest, we learn from our failures so failing on some levels is a positive part of growth.
cookma54 Premium
I'm too new to be much help ... but I sure would benefit from reading the replies! I'll be watching .... M