Progressing Nicely!

Last Update: November 28, 2018

As I finished up lesson #9 in the online entrepreneur certification I became a lot more excited than I thought I would about keyword research and beginning to target said keywords by writing articles (YUCK!)

I have never fancied myself a writer and run into writers block pretty easily. Sometimes I have to start at the end then plug in the beginning and plug in the middle last. Weird I know, but I tend to know where I want to go just not how to start it so that is my process.

Anyway, keywords! I found my first 5 keyword phrases very quickly and easily. Surprisingly, I feel like they are going to be very easy to write via a 1-2-3 process instead of a 3-1-2 method I mentioned aboved.

On to lesson #10!!

(Couldn't post this due to 1 blog post per day for first 90 days of premium.)


So, I was excited about my little achievement above, but I went much further with the following after I originally created the above progress post:

1.) I increased my high quality keyword list from 5 to 16!

2.) Watched a few hours of WooCommerce videos created by ChrisScott. (He is a great teacher and has an awesome sense of humor which makes the learning curve fun)

3.) Downloaded and activated WooCommerce PlugIn and did some reading up on it.

4.) I began building my page doing the background, played with menus a bit, and started plugging in some product images and descriptions. (My own Products)

5.) Completed and Published my first draft of my about me page. (That page will continueously grow as I progress and become a better writer.

6.) Completed and Published Privacy Policy page.

7.) Started checkout page structuring.

8.) Got some much needed REST!

Unfortunately, I am consistantly on call with my job and got a call to go offshore for a day or two. I had planned on completing my website today, but that will have to wait until I return from work in a couple days. I will still get in some learning today and try to be active in chat as much as I can while I prepare for going back out to the ole' Gulf of Mexico.

**I noticed my Rank went up from yesterday. Jumped up around 90K positions! Cool.

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Marchelle1 Premium
Congrats on your progress so far. Really wish you all of the best with your online business empire (in the making).
BElliott56 Premium
It's best if you take a break. Lesson 10 is what I'm on. Today is the second day working on it. To do it the right way. It's best not to fly right through it. That blog is what will get you rated with all the different search engines.

I've completed the intro and 2 of the 5 topics. 3 more still to research. It's gonna be great when it's done.

Brandon, keep pushing forward you'll get there.

Brian E.
BMTruelove Premium
My break is pretty much when I go offshore since I can't do much out there due to crappy internet. It's more of an "Active Break" though. When I am offshore I can spend 1-2 hours per day focusing on writing and piling up articles/blog posts for future use.

When I am home it is crunch time. I previously had a live website and my business facebook and twitter pages are still active. Still getting follows on the two and getting e-mails about my site being down. I'm losing out on potential sales so I really need to push to get my website live again and then begin the fine tuning process.

Though I want and think I can get it back live within my next 2-3 off days I am setting the goal of re-launch on January 1st. A little something to celebrate as we come into the new year as well as it being a reason to get tipsy. :-)
Marley2016 Premium
You are moving along very nicely and your rank
jump is due to your activity within the platform
Remember do not let this be of great concern to
you until you have the knowledge to help others
with problems answering questions in Live Chat
if you do not know an answer and no one else is
around it is fine to tell people you do not know :)
Have a wonderful time offshore for a couple
of days sounds fascinating :)
BMTruelove Premium
I'm not super concerned about ranking. I'm looking at it more as a symbol of.......personal accountability I guess you could say.

The offshore life, not so fascinating, lol. But I have been doing it for 12 years so it's just a job. One I am trying to get out of with my business as soon as possible. Hoping to achieve that by the end of 2019.
Marley2016 Premium
You know what that is possible dedication and never
give up we might fail but pick yourself up dust yourself
off and start over - I have numerous times I am a
smartketeer Premium
Nice achievements Brandon!

Well done!

Keep up the good work!
BMTruelove Premium
Thank you
smartketeer Premium
My pleasure!