Just went premium!

Last Update: November 27, 2018

So, I was going to wait until I went through all of the free training before I went Premium, but I was a little impatient I guess. Not to say I would be impatient when it comes to putting in the time and effort in this venture. I know it will take time to get established and begin getting the traffic and sales I am looking for. I actually already have had traffic to my website prior to joining WA, with no sales, but traffic nonetheless. The sales will come once I revamp my site through what I learn here and put the knowledge I learn to work. I am really diggin' all the awesome things that are unlocked with a Premium membership. Really looking forward to advancing and absorbing all the knowledge that is being offered.

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smartketeer Premium
Welcome to the premium family Brandon,

I suggest you to follow the training and all your questions will be answered. You should start here: Godspeed!
Alan Hocking Premium
Congratulations on going premium Brandon

You know have access to all the tools, training and ongoing support you will ever need to build and maintain a successful online business.

Kudos! :)