The River of Life

Last Update: December 27, 2014

We are born and as we are born we become the source point of a stream that was designed to grow and mature and enter into a bigger river and that river flowed until we reached another bigger river. As we flowed we learnt all about how to love, live and survive. We met many other smaller streams on the way , some we stayed with and alongside and others just vanished and meandered off into other directions to never be seen again.

Then we heard it that indestinguishable sound of that big roaring main river, the river of life. We joined it and suddenly we were being swept along at a roaring rate! Many millions of streams inter twined and fighting each other to stay on course.

There had to be a goal. Surely? but some and more than I would like to have around me, some streams just did not know where they were going to.

"Where are you going to?" I would ask as we wished along.

"Don't know just going with the flow." one would say.

"Don't really care man." many would utter as they whizzed ahead to crash into the rocks.

Wow this river was suddenly moving faster and I could hardly hear myself think.

"It is all in the flow. Plot the flow and you will know where to go." Wow that piece of advice came from a section of the river where the streams were keeping to the edge and checking off at each bend, stopping and getting together to discuss the next stage of their progress.

"You got plan man." they all cooed as they chopped along singing a song for success.

"I am the stream

and I have a dream"

I decided to join them. It seemed quieter and safer than being out there where streams were swallowing each other up.

"Where do you want to end up?" the older more mature voice beckoned me from some shallows.

" I want to end up in a good place." I replied.

"Name the place. Name the date you want to get there by and make sure you make a note of each little step that you will need to take before you get there." and he was gone before I could ask another question.

I looked behind me and saw a page floating towards me. It said.

" We are heading to the ocean where we will all be absorbed into one big group of droplets. It is the journey there that is the fun. Some will make it and some will not. Along the river of life will be goals that you need to obtain. These are the milestones along the way. each time you reach one you are closer to the next goal. This is the river of life. Take it one step at a time and beware of those that wish to drag you under or swallow you up along the way.

Stay true to your course and take advise from those that travel along the edges and take the baby steps that are needed to stay safe.

We wish you a very happy and successful journey in your river of life."

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mkobo Premium
Hi bmm, it is wonderful that WA teaches us how to catch a real fish than to give you a fish that you never know how and when it will be rationed.
bmm Premium
Very true my dear, and it is always a fish that we can gut, scale and cook ourselves. The way we want to cook it. WA gives us all a hand up and allows us to exercise our own determinism. We are all in a kindergarten of on line bewilderment. Learning the ABC of block building again; learning again how to paint by numbers so that ne day we can go out and paint our own master pieces (our eventual display of new websites. WA gives us the paints, the canvas and the oil and then says "Now you know how, you paint the picture! The way that you want it painted.
bmm Premium
Hey Andre, glad I could be of help to you. I have done motivational talking around the world and in every place I came to, from Hollywood to Lecturing to Tsunami victims, no matter how rich or poor the audience was, the main things that always came up as barriers to life were TIME, MONEY, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and DISTANCES. Believe it or not. I actually feel that once we are trained in WA many of the above can be taken care of in one form or another. I wish you god speed and a very successful journey in your river. If you need anything more I am at your beck and call. Nice to know you and thanks for being there. I am over excited to be here as a babe in the WA woods! still finding my feet and wallowing in the shallows before I go out and dive into the ever flows of IT wonderland.
apache1 Premium
Thank you for that we are all in the river of life together at various times and places. WA is one of many. Wishing you well.
Take care
bmm Premium
Yes in the same river and with the same sharks and rips but WA shows us how to swim between the flags.
apache1 Premium
Yes and grateful for the two flags.
apache1 Premium
Beautifully created thank you for that. The good part of this is many can take it in various forms be a a journey in life on a physical level or a journey of life on a spiritual plane.

There are many streams we travel along the way some quiet and safe some not so quiet. Yet many can be avoided if we plan some have to be taken to face and overcome some fears that have become part of our live.

We we realize we are all on the same journey in life and accept much more of ourselves we be able to stay truer to that course ahead of us.
Take care be well enjoy the new year.