What Keeps Me Motivated

Last Update: October 22, 2017

Sometimes I get frustrated to a point where I want to quit and give up. Then, I realize how important this is, not only to me but to my family as well because this is something we all can benefit from. However, the last few months my son who has autism has been home because he has not been able to adjust to his new school. He needs so much attention and now my time has been divided on taking care of him and working on my website.

What keeps me motivated to work harder and keep moving forward is reading other people's blogs and comments about their success and accomplishments. It is so nice to have the WA Community to share and discuss our progress and goals.

Thank You -Brenda

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HarveyBrown Premium
You have several real reasons to stay motivated Brenda and Wealthy Affiliate and the community is one of the best for helping you stay that way.
bmjt7845 Premium
Thanks for your comment Harvey, it is nice to have all of this support.