Why I come back to WA

Last Update: Mar 15, 2014


Five years ago, I stayed with WA for about 3 months, at that time, I just lost my job, monthly member fee is problem for me.During 3 months, I learned some knowledge on IM, and made my first sale. It was in Gaming niche( xbox 3 dead red lights)

I promised that i would come back some day, it gone fast. over past 5 years, i self taught myself on IM, received several time checks from CB. I recommend CB for newbie get started.

it is below reasons that I returned the WA community.

  • obviously my daily job support me join the premium
  • you can not success alone, I want partner with a lot of like-mind people here.
  • want engaged and focused
  • WA is one-stop community, offer all the tools in one place,it keep my work well organized
  • more and more, i will add later

Recent Comments


Glad you are back Xue!

HI Xue! I'm so glad your back! I know I wrote to you yesterday and am so glad to hear about they "why" of your return! I know you will do well and may not need a lot of training however; you've got this wonderful community of people here to help support you! Glad you are back!

welcome back Xue,

Welcome back. I hope with the help of WA you will go farther than you have ever gone before!

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