New Accomplishment badge Earned! Awesome Nila!

Last Update: Sep 2, 2020

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Hello to all my co-WA members & friends,

Help me to congratulate myself reach and completed the 10 full lessons of learning. Take a moment to give a deserved pat to myself on the back.

Although, I was stuck for how many months. I try my best to back in training and learning. That help me a lot to understand further what is Affiliates Marketing all about. This is a marathon but not a sprint for me to say.

My next step in here try to work in my website that never been updated for more than a year. I will embrace the theory and hard work to make my website more beautifully with solid contents to the viewers who looking an accuracy of information.

Going forward creating more websites that fit to what I love to do.

My plan ahead are too broad to breakdown. I will work to this step by step. If needed to have a spreadsheet I will do it in order to be a successful one like you and you.

THANKS TO KYLE and CARSON, John my referrer and the rest in here.

Recent Comments


Congratulations Nila and continued success.

All the best,

Thank you Michael

You are welcome Nila.



Thank you Brian

Well done Nila. Keep it up!

Thanks, TJ

Yay, congratulations! That's a great achievement.
Keep up your great work.
To Our Success,

Thank you Ferra. You are doing great in here too.
Good luck to our success.


Moving forward you are. Congratulations.

Thank you Pat.

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