Verifying Site With Google Webmasters Need Help Please

Last Update: April 21, 2016

Okay so yesterday I got an email from Google Webmasters Tools telling me that my site is now verified after hours of trying to work out why it would not verify. Anyways now I have been send an email asking me which url I would prefer. www. or no www.

So after reading other posts and training here in the community I decided to go with using a non www. and now I get another message saying I have to verify that I am the owner of www before I can click prefer non www. Does this make sense and how can I sort this out and move on please? I would really appreciate some input , thank you :)

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bsmith1222 Premium
Glad it is resolved
Deb425 Premium
I have noticed that when I try to pull up my site on my phone, I can only pull it up if I put "www" in front. Since then, I started using that more. I wonder if it makes a difference for mobile users.
MarionBlack Premium
Google sees the www site exactly the same as the non-www site. If you click on Verify using the same method as before it should come up as verified.
blubutterfly Premium
Its all sorted now Marion, finally!! Thanks for your help last night :)
NWTDennis Premium
Marion just has a way of keeping things simple. She's a jewel.
Sheila50 Premium
Maybe this will help!
Yes, you have to verify your site ownership!
Take a look at what Kyle shows and how to do it.
blubutterfly Premium
Hi Sheila, I will check this out again, but I have actually verified my site but with no WWW no its asked me to verify with WWW ? Thanks Sheila your reply is much appreciated :)
mackiejw Premium
Is this a new site or did you have it verified before with the www?
If so, it does make sense.Just go through with what they ask.

blubutterfly Premium
Hi John, yes it is a new site. I will keep trying , thank you