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Welcome Wealthy Affiliate buddies ! What brought me here has much to do with writing an Internet Marketing seminar for future fellow marketers.

Whether you are a network marketer or an affiliate marketer, it makes no difference. We're all part of a very powerful group!

I entered my Internet marketing career following the sale of my martial arts school...concluding an MBA a few years later. I work with ...maybe you know this group...The Moody Blues and Mr. Justin Hayward on his website. That's how real this stuff is.

Work online has included Internet marketing study with a few of the world's most successful Internet marketers. This is where I first started to develop early Internet marketing skills, and to eventually meet Mr. Hayward.

I share the names of some of my IM coaches from time-to-time, and I open the door to information they taught me. Some content is free. Some of it will be had for an affordable fee

My goals are to help others move online but to do it well...oh yeah...while being consistently paid well !

With the 'Great Recession' still underway, we're questioning everything we previously knew.

Additionally, we're sitting in the midst of a powerful individual transformation.

You could say that we're moving from hierarchical (dominated) business into individual empowerment, but it's not being accepted too easily by companies mainly because they haven't shifted their mindsets to readily include entrepreneurial individuals.

Old money is faltering because old consciousness folks have relied on a win lose ideal. We'll just call this taking "shortcuts" when they might have chosen better.

In February 2012, very powerful people are stepping into the limelight to show you a better way.

In MBA executive arenas, many business people call this time, 'The New Economy', and it's well known in economic and senior managerial circles.

There are blue and red tide business mindsets clashing.

Blue tide means everyone works together to help those involved succeed.

Red tide is the..."Forget You Jack, I've Got Mine" mentality, but it's not working well anymore. I cite those who own massive retail store chains or banks. In the days that follow this year, you will see the rift widen...between those who want a better world and those who merely want to exploit it.

I'm here to share upper executive help without you forking over $32,000 and more to get it. I share product creation at the individual level, I emphasize writing effective ad copy to convert inquiring minds into regular readers (and buyers), and I address ways to build the golden buyer lists! I'm big on blogging (because it's very inexpensive). I encourage all marketers to offer their best service and to personally test everything before they move anything.

I share corporate information generally reserved for corporate stakeholders and board members (the stuff they don't want you to know). I pull in MBA executive management into business operations online so that you may build a very strong, core marketing team of your own.

I encourage you to build your best campaigns so that others will readily promote you -- where the solid $$ is.

Why share MBA content? They hire front line employees in companies, but their main job is to maximize inventory turnover, reduce operating costs wherever possible, and secure highest investment payouts for key stakeholders (& stockholders). Management directs and integrates operations across several corporate departments, but these managers report daily and weekly results to key stakeholders about management outcomes. By being armed with some of this knowledge, you are empowered to operate your business well.

I show you how to protect your own corporate interests.

There is a persistent hope that our New Economy will include a time where individuals finally gain their financial foothold, but some of us online now believe that the Internet delivers now.

Personally speaking, off-liners not incorporating the Internet are managing business as they always did so they will not recognize the inherent value in what you're doing. If they disagree, it is because they either did not learn what was involved online, they didn't include updates in their own businesses, or they didn't consider the power the net offers.

The smart ones embrace new change, but they'll do it when YOU can show them what's needed (a website that's interactive and store customer information and markets products on the back end)...

Consider pulling in certified training in your article marketing and ppc campaigns. Many of us are still working on these goals, as we digest massive content related to superaffiliate marketing.

To spot lagging businesses offline needing your help, look to your everyday professionals. The ones who do very well are right on course with Internet changes...and/or if they've hired webmasters to construct sites (that often do not properly work), this is one of your inroads to pay!

These people (who are offline) may or may not be fully aware that they're losing prime business, but it's a great opportunity for Internet marketers to help these businesses move online and to show them how to market products/services to their client databases. To do this, you must be guided and stay in contact with many others doing similar things online.

If we address what's called latent adoption of 21-Century marketing, it's happening in the most professional areas of business, simply because these people don't know what Internet marketing really entails. Many folks try to move online without investing in any Internet marketing education, but this can be and is often a very costly mistake!

Our success online depends on several things like: 1) how well we maintain the public trust...and 2) how well we work together.

In future posts, I talk a lot about operating and managing integrated e-business. This means we're looking at legal aspects of Internet Marketing, and we're pulling in financial strategies you can use to optimize your business success. To satisfy basic needs, we pull in a successful blueprint strategy.

A Bit About What I've Done

As a retired consultant from the martial arts industry, I worked with school franchise owners at local, regional, and national levels. It was my business to help senior instructors maximize their profits by pulling in more efficient operations, but the hallmark trait of operating a franchising business was -- we would help one another. To date, this is the healthiest business model I've experienced.

Some of my extra marketing goals include identifying and supporting other burgeoning Internet marketers by supporting them in their online growth, done at superaffiliate levels. If you're new and don't know anything about online commerce, you are the perfect candidate!

While I am a business development specialist, there's nothing more intriguing than giving someone uplifting news or helping people manifest their success by "just tackling what works", and I'm not interested in merely envisioning what should be real.

I have published several tutorials at WA and will continue to do so, but I am open to all WA members teaching me what they know best. Some tutorials do well. Some don't. What's more important is that you can step right out into WA's traffic to shine the spotlight on yourself! I know of no other place where you can do this because the list of clients is protected (often when it works against you) Your success depends upon how well you advertise your name, follow up with people, help them, and give them a happy buying experience.

In the sharing we depend on here at WA and outside of WA, it is in this kind of involvement where one becomes their best.

To be your best, you must first put yourself out there with others by satisfying a law called "The Law of Participation". This law puts into affect all other natural laws for pay.

Hopes are to operate my own membership site and to help others self-publish. I am working on marketing at superaffiliate levels, and I am developing several products right now. I am always working on my basics too.

I suggest anyone who likes these ideas for themselves would fare well to work with a lot of people. It takes major time and energy to manage a group and show them what really works but if you like that idea, you must first master 1 on 1 prospecting.

I am developing other Internet marketing programs for newbies and intermediates as I ease people into Internet Marketing. The most challenging part of Internet Marketing learning the core basics.
It doesn't have to be tough so that's why WA has created it's Action Plan, their paid certification courses, and even their WA Blog & Funnel system. These items help you identify quickly what you demand most.

What Others May Not Realize

IM = yet another 4 year degree, but don't let that stop you.

If you're like me, I think people want more voice.

They want their own imagery and they want their own icons used in place of words.

Kyle & Carson are always looking for better ways to use pictures.

They have pulled in a lot of drag and drop user-friendly (functionality) and tools designed to maximize your campaigns. It's about "nixing" difficult coding, not wondering about how to best target the keywords "that pay" by reaching consumers at the end of a buying cycle). This is what we're after as paid markters. Identify people later in a research process so you catch them at the time they're ready to purchase from you.

Caveat --

Because the Internet is still evolving, some superaffiliates are just now developing their programs in cohesive ways. I will cite Ed Dale and a few private friends of mine, Terry Duff, Gino Niccoli and Jeff Weissman. These guys teach Internet marketing at the network marketing and affiliate level, but our programs are mainly geared at transitioning network marketers into Internet Marketing at product creator levels! We want powerful marketers who will give their all back to themselves and their families...so they can take the time they need off -- with pay!

Kyle & Carson have become very special to me, and I've recently started working with Marcus on the 30-Day Article Marketing Club. In time, you will get there too. Just be persistent. Update your blog. Post anything you feel or think about -- no matter how simple it may seem. Head to the top whenever you're uncertain about anything and only work with the best, most qualified people. They will spare you major time lost with searching, wondering, or spending your $$ needlessly.

Kyle and Carson have upgraded WA to an extensive operating platform and they've beefed up their servers so there will be far less disruption (and faster load times for your sites and blog). But.., in all good things, we all face some growing pains. The goal is to reduce difficulties for you!

We have invested considerable time, effort and personal resources to bring you what you need.

For domains registered late July, 2010, there are new nameservers so you'll want to keep an eye out for that information...DNS Nameservers 3 and 4 will get you what you need (WA Blog & Funnel).

Don't change your password once you set up your blog because WA can't access another password. It has something to do with how things are set up under original data storage.

More changes are coming to reflect current IM demands. WA does care about its members profiting. As of now, we are testing 2 group concepts -- 1) The 30 Day Article Marketing Club and 2) The Pay Per Click Club. Marcus directs the first, and Kyle directs the second. As far as I know, these clubs are doing well and they are just now beginning to publish their findings!

As of November 2010, it is one belief that Google wants Internet marketers to put accurate information into people's hands by way of natural publishing. So if you're happy to write unique content, this is fast becoming the "real performer" online..

They shut down 100,000 merchants this past year (2010) because of lofty promises and poor product quality, but there were many advertisers who hit their business opportunities too hard. If you're planning on creating your own products one day, you want to keep that fact in mind. Emphasize benefits of your products and services, emphasize what you can do for others, but keep your business opportunity (make $$ from home) more subtle. Share what the real value of your products/services will be.

Whenever you promote something, make certain you have personally tested a product firsthand....or if you can't do that, go through your Internet marketing network to ask others what they know. This will spare you future difficulties with unhappy customers because 1/2 the time, Internet marketing products don't make the cut. There are some products/services I will or won't recommend to people. Bear with me here. It's important you know what's happening online in the event you move into ppc.

Google Shuts Door On China

U.S. authorities are actively prosecuting cybercriminals, and they're going as far as extraditing those people back to the U.S. for active sentencing.

While I am not an attorney, I pull in business law and include some general business accounting to help individuals get what they need. I cite use of the software, Quicken or Quickbooks. Quicken is less expensive and easier to use for newbies. Quickbooks is the business version.

As I share some legal aspects of IM ownership, it is only done to help you avert trouble before it ensues. Own your domain. Have it listed under your credit card and no one else's name. That way, a webmaster won't own your business by default. Many good people have lost their businesses in this 1 step so rent your domain exclusively under your name or pen name (alias).

Give Google What They Demand

I specifically mention giving potential consumers of your products/services rich content sites and very helpful articles (with content they can use now).

Google wants to see complete websites where content flows readily on that site from one page to the other without being duplicated over and over again, and they want to see blogs agreeing with that parent site.

Marketers who have these 2 essential, optimized ingredients are loved by the search engines. I cite the WA Blog & Funnel system to help newbies get a very fast start!

Links on a website must be interactive from page to page on your major website so that consumers can click on articles, research what they need from you, and find alternative recommended resources.

When you are new, it takes time to learn linking, and it takes time to know where you should check all links. If you ever offer a free report carrying an active link at the bottom of each page, be sure to look there first! This broken link will show you lots of traffic and no sales!

Google wants web searches to make sense to people online, and they're asking marketers to offer ads on hand-held devices. This way, the net will be more accessible to everyone on the go..., and yes...it will be far more profitable.

Be patient with technological learning. The major superaffiliates are working on this reality for you...to remove technology so that you're not struggling..so that you can focus on marketing and promotions for pay.

21st-Century Marketing...

We have many businesses...again that are outdated in their marketing. Our job is to help them move from 20th-Century business into 21st-Century marketing as stated earlier, but we are readily moving more towards 'Real Time Information'. The eventual evolution of this type of Internet will be far more intuitive. We're some time away from realizing that kind of reality but it will be amazingly powerful!

What I've learned in the 5 years working online is --

1) It takes time to get the word 'out there' so you must find free to low-cost methods advertising your name: us free ads, squidoo, ezine articles, go articles, search warp, hub pages, U Tube videos, and social networking.

2) As of 2010, Facebook is coming up as an interesting resource for paid advertising, but that advertising isn't as targeted as Google pay-per-click just yet. Word in closest marketing circles reveals that Facebook paid ads are 1/2 the cost of Google ppc! We are watching and awaiting more news from those testing both avenues.

Facebook applications are often misunderstood but when someone enters a keyword phrase appearing in your campaign, your ad is triggered. It's conversational in nature so if 2 people at Facebook talk about swimming, when your ad appears, you don't know if they're looking for swimsuits or dissolving chlorine tablets. You can get a hit or a miss that way, but FB wants to become the next major search engine....as far as we're seeing. To get the most recent November update on Facebook advertising, I'll recommend Jonathan Budd online. Please don't buy his things. Just get the free content to see what this realm is about. To get an ad approved, you have to get people to opt-into your "LIKE" button and send them to a fan page. If you send them directly to a landing page, your ad will be rejected. Budd verifies this was his primary struggle.

3) You can dip your feet into the Internet marketing pond by forming your own profile ...first at WA...and working your blog here frequently. This step should not be skipped! As you grow, your blog grows.

4) Move into the buddy network here first. Bookmark everything. Then connect to others daily. This will build your group or personal following. When you need any help, go into the forums and use your personal networks to help you out. Don't hesitate to contact any of us for help. We always offer our best at any given point in time. If we are updating content, we will tell you so.

If you want to play at early advertising and learn how to drive traffic outside of WA, use some of the social sites like Plaxo, Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook (free). You may wish avoid playing extended games at Facebook because research indicates that these games open your network to identity thieves.

MySpace is more secure than Facebook, and it's better suited to people in entertainment, but i'ts more difficult to add new buddies.

Twitter and FB get you going. You can form your own marketing group at FB!

5) I'm big on positioning people here at WA, as long as they're willing to connect to others regularly.

The key to success here is to access the forums. Find out what people are trying to solve. Then write tutorials based on what they need. Sometimes you'll do well. Sometimes you won't. That's ok. Doing is better than stopping.

When you're new, the forums are a mystery. As you connect and write, you'll begin to see who's doing what and why. This is important so you can seek out proven resources, form future teams that work, and maybe assess joint ventures.

While I'm not a big fan of JV, you don't have to be rich to move online. That's where your buddies will save your life. They pull you up when you're down and visa versa.

6) As a major rule, I've learned -- as long as you stick to proven marketing methods and get help from solid, profitable people, you'll get what you need when you need it.

7) It's important that you find ways to grab and hold an audience's attention by using what's called 'mastered positioning' within any market setting (better called a sub-niche). That means that if we can get you over your "initial learning fear", you're advertising your name only and you're looking for a market you can dominate.

8) It's important to hold the interest of people in your campaigns long enough to establish a connection. You want to find out what people need and want most. You gain that advantage by emphasizing trust and rapport.

9) The earliest marketing ties you establish will usually form your core working group but you'll later sift and sort to get to your most credible, helpful marketers.

You may wish to form a marketing team because 'going it alone' online can be tough on you and your business.

Again...remember above all...these earliest connections will help you figure out what what you can give to others, based on what others want -- (SBM, solution-based marketing). In the very least, you can exchange your expertise with other buddies. I have repeatedly learned that this is important for your overall marketing success.

10) When you find out precisely how your segmented market or sub-niche thinks...and you know exactly what they purchase, you'll be on your way to higher conversions.

Conversions can lead to higher click-through rates (CTR's) on a website, and they will refer others to you if you do a good job of offering rich content in your newsletter. They can find you by viewing your series of free videos or your free and paid downloads.

CTR's mean someone has gone and clicked on a link you've provided. The goal is to offer them what they need at the right time, and to close business but reduce refund risks.

Last Few Words

New folks require help setting up their campaigns because they're not sure what the A, B, C steps involve.

This might include setting up an autoresponder (A-Weber).

The first mistake most marketers make is that they forget to secure names and e-mails.

So hundreds of people have gone by and they have built no list. I've done that.

It is in your list that you will have repeat chances to offer people products/services.

11) When you own several affiliate links over time, keep in mind that it takes time for many newbies to acquire these additions. You can get affiliate links for FREE in most cases, but you may wish to market the products/services you use firsthand. Affiliate links are everywhere online.

12) If you want your own network marketing website, it should showcase your name. If you want an affiliate marketing website, it should showcase a first name or an alias name. When you're moving lots of different products, you'll promote many companies so your job is to keep corporate names neutral, but list benefits/value of your products (not features). Features come in handy when consumers are purchasing at that point in a buying cycle.

In doing this much, you can use 'Attraction-Based Marketing', attracting like-to-like, then screening out people who are less serious by identifying those who are destined to make a difference.

12) Never lead with a business opportunity online.

Again...Google shut down merchant accounts when they promised "gold for no work". Few prospects ever care about these realities unless they're moving into Internet Marketing.

13) You may encounter Mark Joyner's Irresistible Offer.

It contains 3 things: 1) What's the offer going to truly involve? 2) How much will this offer really cost me (in the long run)?, and 3) What will I really get? Wrap your marketing messages (ad copy) around this irresistible offer and you'll be irresistible.

13) Finally, people will only want YOU!

Hang in there WA buddies...and don't give up!

I will be bringing you more content so stay tuned. I am sharing what's called the masters series for those of you drawn to this information.

Your success is important and timely and there's lots of room for IM'ers in cyberspace!

If you have any Q's, I'm here. On the right-hand side of this blog, you will see Add 7 Reps A Day. This site addresses MLM needs.

I highly recommend affiliate marketing and product creation.

I'm always testing content here at WA before I take it outside of WA, but I do look for better ways to bring you best marketing information consistently presented with what I know at any given moment in time.

Feel free to check out any of my links below. As of October 2010, I am rewriting my FREE report so you have to click on Add 7 Reps A Day and Can-MLM. On the right-hand side of my business blog, there's an opt-in box where I'll offer the new report in a few days. Again..that newsletter targets MLM'ers, but the Wealthy Affiliate blog will offer diverse marketing help at all levels of IM work.

The best thing about being a member at WA is that you can see what other marketers are doing!

Some links lead to professional campaigns.

My home-based-business blog addresses numerous topics like: what it means to 'think in CEO terms', it talks about how you can position yourself online without going broke, and more. In that blog and in my Facebook marketing group, I offer marketing updates, tips, and tricks that work.

I am building a Wealthy Affiliate blog in 2 places, but I share LIVE WA Blog & Funnel updates with others working this unique system. I highly recommend you set one up.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to adding you as my buddy!

Toasting Your Success Online!

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bkb2012 Premium
What most may not know: if you save 100 U.S. dollars each month,
...between now and age 62 in a ROTH IRA, you have 1.2 Million net worth.
Carson Premium
Hey Barbara,

I'm glad to see that you are taking action here at WA by adding your goals. Success starts with a goal and we encourage everyone who is serious about earning money online and building an online business, to add their goals. Great work!

I know that you will be able to achieve these and I'll do everything I can to help out :)

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adson betts Premium
Hello this is adson, when I was here before you were a great help to me and I am glad to be back I would like to have you as a buddy, you have helped me so much in the past, I had so much family problems with the lack belif with this program. So now I am back and I do want to learn from you as much as possible. Thank you adson
adson betts Premium
Hello this is adson and thank you for responding. I am starting all over again and I will diffently need some pointer of where to go. So now I doing the eight week action plan and the learning resourses and I am signing up on clickbank. I know like you said before, that I need to take baby steps and that is what I am doing. I am tring not to overload myself with too much information. Since before I notice that I do need to get into article marketing first, so that is what I will work on for now and master that. If you have any suggestion what I should do, I would gladly follow all of you suggestion. Thank you so much adson
adson betts Premium
I joined this business so I can obtain freedom from working construcion. I am a journey man and I just want to Play and perform music full time. I love to write songs and compose music. I love to work out , Yes I have been doing martial arts for along time in Newark Nj and in New York as well. I love to eventually become a photo journalist and to be able to fly bush planes and write articles about meeting diffrent people and cultures.To write blogs about my opinion about diffenent life situations. First I have to learn how to figure this IM out before I can began to live my dream . I heard of BANS or ebay affiliates which uses web pages with ebay products on it. YOU can use this world wide, so I would like to try that in the fulture. First thing first, learn the business. So I do need some suggestion. I am starting all over again and I got rid of the family distractions so far. Thank you adson
adson betts Premium
hello This adson again I still alive, I have been going over the eight week action plans and signing up with other web sites, for example click bank , linkshare, squidoo, hubpages, wordpress, ezine articles, usfreeads, and I am taking my time really study the eight week plan. I have so much to learn. I have to talk with my self because I want to go so fast and know it all, but I get overwhelmed. So If you have any pointers I will appreacite it seriously,because I do want to make a change in my life and become a full time IM markerter and be free from working a job
Thank you adson
bkb2012 Premium
Adson, I'm here. How can I assist? bkb2012
bkb2012 Premium
adson..., if you can tell me briefly what you're passionate about, we can steer you in some concrete directions.

grussell Premium
Thanks for the info on gold that is a great guide to get people started it did me, Great sites does blogging work for you or what really brings in the income there are so many options it could make my head spin.
bkb2012 Premium

Your support is much appreciated on my published tutorials. I'm constantly looking for feedback to more appropriately zero in on what people need. With regards to Internet marketing or even any type of marketing (whether it's online or offline or both), it's all about starting with 1 method first. I started blogging with 1 blog but the biggest key is to communicate daily with others. You can do this by tapping into the social networks for starters: Facebook, Linked-In, Plaxo. Facebook seems to be an easier place to connect to people. Then, you want to look for content you're real fired up about not only researching but sharing. This will help a great deal because you must be very passionate about what you do as you strive to help others. It takes time to develop a web presence. The more you learn (along expert lines), the more you'll appear. It's at this point of consistent 'hello' that people will start to follow you.

If you're not sure where to begin, let me know. I will be happy to steer you in concrete directions.

bkb2012 (Barbara)
novascottie Premium
Hi Barbara......I'm into my third week at WA and I am still trying to find my way around doing lots of reading and making some posts. I've just finished reading your "about me" so now I'm letting you know about me. I went o your business blog and wasn't sure where to sign up for your newsletter. Was it the "free report'? I really enjoyed reading your "about me" and I am looking forward to getting to know you....and learning from you. Hope to hear from you and also become your buddy. Thanks.
bkb2012 Premium

Good to meet you. I do have several blogs but the one you'll most likely wish to subscribe to (Barbara's Wealthy Affiliate) is currently under construction. It's only a matter of adding additional free report. If you fill in your information on my business blog mainly dedicated to home-based business, I can pull your name over the Wealthy Affilliate list, once it's in better order. I look forward to visiting with you. Hang in there. You're facing a learning curve that's big but just take it one day-at-a-time and keep the work going. It will translate into something decent. Barbara
Joilie Premium
Adson, Thank you for tapping in and being there. I am just learning how to stand on my own and I'm just getting started in this business. I am short on time and low on cash. I am working on week one of the action plan, and I have been working through Adwords. I am not looking to get rich overnight, but can you can guide through some of this.

1) First things first. How do I change my name on my profile?
2) While I am in training on Google Adwords it will only recognize my old Google email address
3) Before coming to Wealth Affiliates I started learning through another internet business, but it was getting to
costly and time consuming. I did pay for two website through GODADDY along with email addresses;
AdWeber, TrafficGeyer, a PayPal Account., and membership to the other internet business.

My question is do I need any of that here? If not should I cancel them until I can afford it, if I need it?

I don't want to inundate you I want to thank you for whatever help you can provide.

bkb2012 Premium
Joilie..., Head to WA, click there. Then look for last box listed, "Edit Profile". Click there. You should see another edit button. Click. You should be able to change your name. On the other Q's. Simplify. Use free means first. Blogger is a good start...WordPress...social sites like Facebook will get you out there. Spend 15 minutes/day connecting to others. If you can spend 30 minutes, that will help. Google Adwords. I recommend this effort later on, once you know more about what you're doing. For now..., simple stuff...using free means. We need to get you connected to the Bum Marketer, Travis Sego. He's a super WA member and can be of huge help to you. AT a later point, you will need to spend more time developing yourself. If there are still outstanding Q's, let me know and I'll fill in more blanks. bkb2012
shenels Premium
I hope it's o.k that I added you to my buddy list. You have some great articles. Staying sane WA. My daughter is pursing her Masters , and my husband is a Stanford Grad. with a Consulting Engineering Business. I am embarking on a new adventure, I have been dabbling in internet marketing since Mar., just signed up here.
bkb2012 Premium
Absolutely ok -- new buddies are always very appreciated! You have some powerful people in your family so keep up the good work. I know -- when you see the WA information, it's very overwhelming. That's true for all of us coming into Internet marketing because we're coming in from so many different industries. Stay in touch! I'm always happy to lend a willing hand.