How To Get More Comments On Your Website

Last Update: Nov 12, 2013


According to Jackob Neilson (famous for his research of internet users) 90% of users lurk rather than participate, 9% participate a little and 1% account for all the action. Now his research wasn't just looking at users commenting it was looking at all sorts of online behaviour, but it appears from these figures that it's a challenge to get people to comment.

Here are some ideas to increase the number of comments that you're getting on your website.

Remember this is not something that will happen over night.

View the full-sized infographic here

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Thanks again for sharing some important ingredients for success!

Thanks Lawrence.

Thanks Beverly. I keep all your posts in a separate folder for easy finding. Have you had a chance to look at my message from yesterday/

Thank you. Been out all day - will send an answer in the next half an hour.

Thank you! Simple suggestion, but forgot in previous posts - ask a question for readers to respond to... Going to start with that one.

Oh - it's not obvious until it's pointed out. It is a good one to start with.

Hi, Beverley, Thank you again for a great presentation! Your contributions are always appreciated!

Thanks Dan. I'm glad you like them and thanks for taking the time to comment.

Your posts are ALWAYS terrific and useful

Oh thank you. That's so kind of you to say sol Glad you find them useful.

Hi Beverley, nice to see again some topic from you to put in my little book .Now i understand you ,how you can make these infographic again and again. you have an very good loaded background,powerfull, TOP!!!!

LoL - I do change the backgrounds - but the come automatically with the program that I use. Thanks - glad you find them useful.

about background: it's your personal background i mean;-), teacher,NLP,...

Always thankful for your help Beverley! Ken

Thanks Ken!

Love these! Printing them off and keeping handy is Very helpful! Thanks!!

Thank you. Glad you like them.

Thanks…I am bookmarking this for use later. Appreciate your efforts.

Thanks Michael. Glad you find them useful.

Awesome material where are you finding this material?

I research all over the place for material. I put the source on the bottom of the infographic.

You do a great job that's for sure. I've been reading some of these and going back and looking over stuff and making some tweaks here and there. Keep it up. :-)

Thank you - that's all there meant for. You take from them whatever resonates with you.

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