In the mean while.

Last Update: December 14, 2015

First - Consistency is the name of the game.

Second - First takes a long time

Third - Go back to First

So what do we do in the mean time?

Well there are things you should be doing already.. kinda like your fixed variables in this equation. And then there are things that could be your independent variables.

Here are my fixed variables:

  1. Write a Article/Review
  2. Use site comments
  3. Share the article
  4. Prep the next article

So the above 1-4 takes me all morning to do before I need to leave for work. So when I am at work and not busy and even when I get off work is where I can get a little tricky with what I do. Usually I will do things on Social Media and I will choose to do the following:

Independent Variables:

  1. Like/pin/+1/favorite Posts
  2. Follow Back people
  3. Send Thank you's to people who followed me
  4. Follow people who retweet/share/repin posts
  5. Comment nice things
  6. Retweet someone's post in hope they will return the favor
  7. Help someone with anything.

I am willing to bet, that over time all these hypotheseese will result in a very interesting outcome. And all the independent variables above depend on what time i use social media because there could be all kinds of posts i am missing. I only do one thing out of the 7 on each social media platform before I go to the next one.

Is consistency the key? I think it is. What do you think? What keeps you ticking every day? Am I the only one who thinks this way about my life! I LOVE SCIENCE GUYS. haha.


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uncleyeti Premium
Discipline creates consistency and I have no discipline. However if it works for you, you're on the right track. For me, there are too many unknown variables that creep up out of nowhere. When you live with a person that has a little dementia with more setting in everyday, it's difficult to plan in a concrete manner. Whereas that person has told you one or two things she needs to do, in her mind she has told you everything. That is not usually the case, so many other tasks creep up as the day moves along, so what you would normally do has to be pushed back one more day. If that person is a parent, as much as you would like to say no, you simply cannot. So it goes. I don't want sympathy, I'm just saying.......
BillyHunter Premium
Discipline is weird for me for example, I will be super disciplined one week then just fall apart the next week and watch tv. The only thing I have kept doing is WA training and I have been consistent with it for the most part. But I will have a day or two where I will fall apart. But I look at those days as falling apart then putting everything back together the next day or two and I would come back even more determined. I definitely have work to do on consistency.
Sui_generis Premium
Consistency and persistence are both keys.
ClareG Premium
Consistency is everything. You seem to be doing great! Keep up the good work and let's all make 2016 an epic year. :)
BillyHunter Premium
2016 is going to RULEEE :) hype
fmwaniki Premium
I actually admire the program for your day.It is a good guide that if you have made it a habit then you will know what to do when.Keep working hard,i wish you success
BillyHunter Premium
I appreciate your thoughts :) Have a blessed night