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Last Update: July 06, 2018

Google auto ads, I tried these on my site I used a plaug in for it, it took around four days for the ads to appear and when they did I did not like the look of them at all, they were all banner ads and they really messed up the formating of my posts.

There was also a dropdown menu at the top of each ad that said find out more about Google ads, if I could hve got rid of that I think I might have kept auto ads.

I have decided that I am going to put them in manually, giving me the choice of were I want them to appear, I don't know if I am putting them in a good place, maybe if your reading this and are havng some success you could give me some idea about palcing them.

I am also using Amazon native ads, I am in the UK and on Amazon UK they don't have native ads, so I had to create an account on once I did that I linked my UK account to it and was able to use native ads.

The Benefit of Being Social at WAThere is a great lesson how to do it at the link bellow: -

One thing I can tell you that is not in the video, you have go through setting up tax as part of the signup prosses, it asks you for a TIN (tax identification number) we don't get them in the UK, to get round it I unchecked the dotted circle, you are presented with other options unfortunaitly I did not jot these down but I am sure if I can get through it you can.

I have created a Youtube video to show you how I now add my adverts.

My Youtube video

Bill Coton

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newlive Premium
good one mate...
newmarketpro Premium
As Scott mentioned below, try Ads Inserter plugin as you have more control over your ads. The plugin is flexible and you can also rotate ads on your page. I have been using ads inserter in all my site and it works great.

merlynmac Premium
So I too hated the ad placement and went to town looking for a better way to control where they go. Check out the Ad Insterter plugin. I love it! I can tell it to place ads at 20% into my post, after paragraph x, even after a paragraph with a minimum word count and so much more. Since I started using it, the ad placement on my site has been perfect. It even comes with easy to follow how-to on getting Google AdSense ads where you want them.

Check it out.