When you know it feels right this time .

Last Update: June 02, 2016

Okay, so having been back at WA for a couple of weeks now, I can feel that it's different this time. But wait a sec .... 'been back'? Well yes, I have to admit that I flirted with WA a few years back, didn't get very far, left; did it all again a year or so later, with the same results. But it was pre-Panda/Penguin days and I had a few affiliate type sites that were doing 'okay' with the old Adsense earnings, so, of course, I knew better than anything WA could teach me. Hell, no -- I was better than WA....

Ahem, well, actually, no I wasn't. I wasn't the super whizz kid that I thought I was; Penguin/Panda showed me the error of my ways. Hero to zero in the space of a couple of algorithm changes. Thanks Google...

But we all need the proverbial kick up the arse sometimes, and that was mine. I actually got out of the affiliate marketing game altogether and concentrated on my content writing business (which, by the way, is now flourishing -- but that's a story for another day).

But something kept niggling at me. That pleasure of making a few hundred pounds from Adsense clicks kept coming back to me. Those were nice days; they were great feelings. Could I possibly get there again? Is it even possible nowadays?

A few weeks ago, I succumbed. It was itching me that much that I couldn't resist -- I had to scratch. WA immediately sprang to mind. Is it still there? Is it any good? So off I went for the cursory 'WA review' hunting, did my due diligence, and ... here I am.

I am now a couple or so weeks in. I have been doing the training diligently. I know I probably had a head start on many that start this adventure because of my past dalliances with affiliate marketing. But boy, why didn't I do this the last couple of times I was here. Was I an idiot or something? Probably. Everything is falling into place now, and I see a great light at the end of the affiliate marketing tunnel. But I'm not rushing toward it. I'd rather take my time and make sure I do things right. Oh, and it's great fun doing it, as well.

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AnthonyMLM Premium
Welcome back>>>>>>>>>>>Best Wishes
Ecowarrior Premium
Great to see you come back, and I feel you are here with 100% purpose so I wish you all the best! Regards, Lisa
dianegailit Premium
Welcome back! Enjoy the journey :-)
stevecox Premium
Welcome home! I would love to hear more about your content writing business too! All the best, Steve
JudeP Premium
Welcome back and all the best pushing forward :)