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from the great folks of Moz. Here is the latest Whiteboard Friday video explaining everything you need to know about the recent Penguin 4.0 roll-out..
Here is the latest Moz Whiteboard Friday. All about link-building and dispelling some of the myths that, unfortunately, abound in this arena.
I came across this link that I thought would come in handy for all you guys looking to get a handle on social media. It's a great resource and lists many sources of how tos, tools, etc. for all the main social networks. Could be one to bookmark.Getting Started With Social Media: A Resource Guide
I'm not sure if anyone else has seen the latest official Google Webmasters blog post, but it looks like some changes are afoot. It may worry you if your website utilises those big pop-ups that cover most of the content when a user lands on your page.Anyway, the link is here, so check it out:
Hey guys. I have just uploaded my latest post: and am looking for some comments, shares, likes, etc. Let me know what I can do in return - comments, Google+ follows/likes, etc.
Hi guys. I am in need of some FaceBook 'likes' for my new FB page. If anybody has the time and/or inclination to help me out, I will reciprocate the 'like' and/or like a few posts on your own pages. Alternatively, I can 'like' any other social network you want. TIA guys.
July 01, 2016
Battle of the Somme started 100 years ago today. I cannot begin to comprehend the terror and fear all those poor souls felt waiting to go over the top. I salute your courage and bravery fighting for a just cause. RIP.
So I got to Course 3, Lesson 5 on the training when something dawned on me - I actually disliked/hated the niche I started at the beginning of the course. Why did I choose it? Well, it was a niche that I thought would work well. Except that when I got down to the nitty-gritty, there wasn't all that much I could write apart from mundane product reviews (and even those I hated doing). I wasn't enjoying it at all.So I bit the bullet. I changed my niche, found something I enjoyed writing about, set
Okay, so having been back at WA for a couple of weeks now, I can feel that it's different this time. But wait a sec .... 'been back'? Well yes, I have to admit that I flirted with WA a few years back, didn't get very far, left; did it all again a year or so later, with the same results. But it was pre-Panda/Penguin days and I had a few affiliate type sites that were doing 'okay' with the old Adsense earnings, so, of course, I knew better than anything WA could teach me. Hell, no -- I was better