Goals for May 5-11

Last Update: May 14, 2019

Hello WA:

Last week was another busy week. I am hoping that I can get to my goals for the week. I've been tired lately.

I wrote one post on my diabetic website, I did one lesson on my Certification Course, and I wrote 3 blogs last week.

I am going to be able to do more in the business since my Sixers are out of the playoff with that last shot that Kawhi Leonard made at the buzzer. That shot is going to be shown forever.

Here are last week's results:

This weeks:

Rankings: 276, Blogs: 251, Followings: 4144, Followers: 2441, Words: 722, Hours: 8.

Last weeks:

Rankings: 276, Blogs: 248, Followings: 4117, Followers: 2440, Words: 0, Hours: 7.

Here's my schedule for the week:

Sunday: Didn't really do anything, but relax. Fantasy sports.

Monday: Doctor's appointment at the heart doctor. Fantasy sports.

Tuesday: Fantasy sports and work on the business. Today is the start of the Western Conference Finals. I'll start watching the game after dinner. If I'm not done with my post on my website, I'm still going to keep writing after dinner. My team are no longer in the playoffs. Tomorrow the Eastern Conference Finals start with Milwaukee playing Toronto. I'll be watching that. Fantasy sports.

Wednesday: I have to get a catherization done at the hospital. They are going to be checking my heart. I have to have someone here at my house to watch over me. I might not be able to do something in the business because I'm going to be tired from the procedure. I'll probably do my fantasy sports after the games though.

Thursday: I have a doctor's appointment with the foot doctor. I probably not going to get much time to doing anything in the business due to the distance of the appointment. Fantasy sports.

Friday: I have to pick up my precriptions. Hopefully, I have time to do something in the business. Fantasy sports.

Saturday: Do something in the business. Fantasy sports.

That what my schedule looks like for the week. It looks like a busy week. At first I had 2 doctor's appointment. That jumped up to 3 appointments.

I'll ttyl, my friend New York is supposed to call me today about plans of me coming up.

I'll see you at the top.


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BorisRoman Premium
Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!

bigrog44 Premium
No problem.
EHR Premium
Whoa, you are a busy man. Pace yourself ok? Gene
bigrog44 Premium
I've been pacing myself. Next month I'm going on vacation.
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing this post like you say see you at the top
bigrog44 Premium
No problem.
CandP Premium
You are amazing, Roger and you inspire us with your fortitude!
Great work.
Best of luck with all the medical tests.
C & P
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks, C & P.
FKelso Premium
You are moving forward. That's what is important.
bigrog44 Premium