Wanna take a break?. Why Not Get Up & Dance :

Last Update: June 11, 2015

Have you been working hard on your website ? Think you need a little break from it all..... well for me I like to listen to music as well as play around on the guitar -- I guess I should qualify it as trying to play the guitar :)

I was listening to my favourite sports talk radio station recently and one topic they got into was their favourite dance tunes..... I know, kinda funny they'd be talking about that..... BUT it did get me thinking to what MY all-time “get me on the dance floor every time” dance songs would be.

I LOVE TO DANCE, and when I was younger i have always been known to spend the majority of my night on the dance floor dancing the night away!!! Hey, i'm Filipino Canadian so you know that music and rhythm.... it's in my blood.

So i've got My ALL-TIME TOP TEN list of favourite dance songs (click the link below for the list and to listen to them), and they are taken from different times in my life..... from my high school days in the 80's, to my nineteen to early twenties in the late 80's to early 90's, and then to my mid twenties to early thirties.

Then all those partying days ended and I got married and started my family with my beautiful wife Leanne and 2 AWESOME KIDS (Nicholas & Mikaela)….. and unfortunately haven’t really had the opportunity to do much dancing ….. i know, it’s a little sad!!! But hey, i've had so much fun raising a great family.

To see what my Top Ten Songs are just follow the link.....


Have an awesome week everyone ! ! !


West Coast Joe

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SridharRay Premium
Have a great dance Joe, All the best.
One advice. Please don’t repeat content on WA blog and your website.
This hurts you, for the reason that WA is authority site and google will find your site being a copy of content and you will never know why this is happening, though you put effort.

Please go and edit your WA blog. Have a different title and body text. You can edit now.

If you liked this advice, you may wish to look at this training. You may Like it and Like it :-) there as well. All the best to you.
bigheadjoe Premium
thanks for the advice, i appreciate it.