30 days to tough mudder ! ! !

Last Update: May 21, 2015

One of the goals I have this year is to reach my goal weight of 167 lbs by December 31st, 2015. Currently I weigh 212 lbs so i've got a total of 45 lbs to shed off my robust body ;) If I break that down to smaller steps..... there are 32 weeks left in the year and that works out to 1.41 lbs per week. A healthy weight loss program recommends losing no more than 2 lbs per week..... SO, the way I look at it is i'm right on schedule!!!

I'm currently doing the INSANITY PROGRAM to help me get in the daily routine of working out. Also, I am doing TOUGH MUDDER again this year and it's next month on June 20th, 2015. For those not familiar, here's an official description taken directly from their website:

"Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. Tough Mudder puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, yet safe, world-class obstacles they won't find anywhere else."

I did it last year for the first time with a couple buddies of mine and we've decided to do it again this year and have recruited a couple more friends to join us. There are ALL NEW OBSTACLES this year so it should be a whole new set of challenges for sure.


The Mudder Pledge
  • I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge.
  • I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.
  • I do not whine – kids whine.
  • I help my fellow mudders complete the course.
  • I overcome all fears.

After I conquer this year's TM for the second time (i'll get my GREEN HEADBAND -- i got the orange headband last year), and my goal for next year is to continue training and my ultimate fitness goal is to complete an IRONMAN TRIATHLON!!! I'd like to complete one before my 50th B-day which is coming up in less than 2 years (April 2017), so hopefully if I stay on track and keep working toward this it'll be an awesome accomplishment and one i've wanted to do since 1989 when I saw my first Ironman Triathlon up in Penticton, BC.

Looks like i'm gonna be busy with not only building my online businesses but balancing it with these fitness challenges as well..... not sure if there's enough hours in a week..... guess ya better wish me luck!!!

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dunbar Premium
will definitely wish you luck i am sure it will all come good for you have a great weekend cheers Helen
bigheadjoe Premium
thanks helen!! have an awesome weekend as well :)
hilarybassak Premium Plus
Looks like you have so much determination you don't need much luck to succeed but I wish you luck anyway
bigheadjoe Premium
thanks hilary :)