Last Update: September 06, 2018

Why WordPress?

There are a lot of reasons why I recommend using wordPress to build a website

Do you know that Wordpress can give you more limitless option than web builders?. During my research and observations, I began to understand that web Builders are limited and as well too expensive to get. It can only be good just for one-page websites.

Also, Many people preferred learning about HTML and CSS, which can also help. But it takes months. For quicker creation of website, I don't think I will recommend a beginner to engage in such, other than Wordpress.

We have a lot of platforms that works great and also seems similar to WordPress E.g Joomla but the difference will also be there. At least, some technical coding are required for proper effectiveness of its performance.
Drupal is another exemplary platform that is popular with web developers and experienced coders but it can't be recommended to a beginner because it requires some technics that might seems strange to a beginner.
So, for the beginners, you now have more reasons to build your site with WordPress.

Absolutely, WordPress remains one of the best easiest platform I have ever worked with. It's free to use and easy to understand. And the most important thing here, it will surely suit every scale business owners.

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firstlearn Premium
I have sites that are self-coded and I have WordPress sites. Yes, WordPress are much quicker to get up but dependent on your coding skills you can get much more from html, css, php and javascript coding.

But to learn how to do it does take a lot of time or you need to employ someone to code it for you.

Wordpress is so quick and easy due to those who have written scripts to interface with the original WordPress and of course to all those who have written the themes that are available.

Bibian2 Premium
WordPress is the best option for newbies. I guess.
Thanks for contributing!
Lazyblogger Premium
I remember back then working with Chris Farrell, although he explained the html and CSS so well, It was difficult for the newbies to get it, so I must agree with you, WordPress is the way to go. Thank you for sharing.
Bibian2 Premium
All might be good but WORDPRESS seems easier.
Thanks too for your comment!
EandS2018 Premium
Wordpress is an awesome tool.
Bibian2 Premium
Yes. It is!. Thanks very much