How to register a Domain Name Easy, and make money

Last Update: December 05, 2014

Well, I just wanted to share with you how to register your new domain name easily, save money and also how you can make money.

1.So, you have picked out a niche. Yes, just start with one. Master that and start earning money before you start any others, however you can purchase some domain names if they are really good, as you don't want to miss out on them. Spend some time pondering your niche, making sure you can write about it, engage with it, and be passionate about it. If you are not sure - go back to the training on niches.

2. Do your keyword research. Either through the keyword tool or Jaaxy. I personally prefer just the keyword tool. Type in your keyword ideas. Firstly, make sure they have more than 50 searches. Then go to the Competition column and view result. If it is less than 300 then it is a good choice. Write them down, or save them to your list.

3. Then go to, or you can click on the link below:

4. See if your keyword searches are available as a domain name. I always go for a .com. This is the worlds most common domain extension.

5. When you have found one that is available, add it to your cart. It is only about $10 year and you get free "who is" registration. Which is all to do with who can see your details. Its a good thing, but at other domain registrars, they charge up to $10 a year for it.

6. Register for an account. If you are a WA member, you will be revisiting namecheap again and again over the years, so its easier to open an account, and they save all your details. Saves you time in the long run.

Their checkout process is very easy and quick. No hassles.

Now you have your domain name. You can start building your website at siterubix.

Go for gold building your new website and business.

Remember I said you could also make money? Well guess what? also has an affiliate program. So if you decide to register for that, then you can potentially earn money by sharing with others. After all everyone is going to need domain names, and if you can help them out by saving them money and time, they will be happy also.

You will need to point the DNS servers to WA: For more info on this read this blog:

The name servers for Wealthy Affiliate Hosting ALWAYS are:


Hope that helps you out a little. It is very exciting. And now you have some direction and focus - go for it.

In joy


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jshannon123 Premium
Hello. Just wondering when choosing a domain name do I start out with www or http cause i noticed it offers results with and without those.
gainonline Premium
Hey Catherine, I have gone through your Domain registration exercise and with your recommendation of I have registered under your link. Thanks & regards.
BeYou Premium
Hi Geoff, thanks, and glad you have found WA. I understand your profile, been there, been scammed also. Am new here also and loving that its not a scam and everyone has the chance to succeed in their niche. All the best. Anything I can help with just ask.
Garden77 Premium
Thanks for the info on Domain registration and thanks for the follow. Best wishes
BeYou Premium
Your welcome
TheOldSilly Premium
That's a good idea. Domain names are fairly cheap these days, and thinking ahead with a few purchases is a sound investment. And if you never use it, someone down the road may want to buy it from you. Some forward thinking people made a small fortune back when websites were just beginning to catch on, and purchased domains like,, etc.