Checked my Writing Stats - Does Anyone Else Believe in Signs?

Last Update: January 06, 2019

I am pretty solid with my mindset in most situations where I can wax optimism on even the biggest piles of poo, but there are some moments in which I seek guidance from the surrounding Universe.

I tell you there are some serious laws in this world that govern the earth upon which we live and if you take an interest in that world, you can actually learn how to work within the structure of those laws for your benefit.

It helps if you are connected to yourself, like your heart and your mind and you take a vested interest into their well-being. Meditation helps huge in order to dial this in.

I have always found great symbolism in animal totems and numbers and since I have, they seem to show themselves in the moments in which I need them. My personal Instagram indicates this. I love taking pix and one of things I love most about creating posts on my site are taking the photographs to go along with them.

I went to my dashboard tonight and needed a bit of a boost. I have been feeling good about the content I am creating, so that is my go to when I need some motivation or empowering feels because sometimes the overwhelm of all I still have to learn with the WA emails and I am also the type of gal who is always on her own ass about growth, expansion and being better - but sometimes to my detriment.

When I saw the double numbers of 33 articles published and 22 Indexed in Google (BTW, anyone reading this, is that a good ratio or should I be leveling up?) I noted the 2 double numbers and googled "spirit number 2233"

Goodness is rewarded and hard work pays off!!

Sweet Dealio - just the mind boost motivation this lady needed - so much so it inspired this post!

Have a solid 2019 ahead fellow affiliates!

Looking like a super solid and good vibe life ahead!

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LOConnor1 Premium
That's pretty interesting.
Terand Premium
Congrats for your achievement, Bex! Yes, your hard work pays off! Hope to hear from you more good news! Take care and all the best, Bex! :o)
bexfiliate Premium
Thanks Terand!! To you too!🤘😎
Terand Premium