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I have been really working towards publishing content of value and in keeping with the suggestions and training here at WA. I wrote my longest keyword post to date sitting at over 5000 words and I felt very accomplished just having published it, as it is work I enjoy and am proud of and believe has real value. I went out for the afternoon wtih my beautiful son and when I arrived back home later to see my emails, I had received a notification that my content had been indexed only several hour
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I am pretty solid with my mindset in most situations where I can wax optimism on even the biggest piles of poo, but there are some moments in which I seek guidance from the surrounding Universe. I tell you there are some serious laws in this world that govern the earth upon which we live and if you take an interest in that world, you can actually learn how to work within the structure of those laws for your benefit.It helps if you are connected to yourself, like your heart and your mind and yo
January 05, 2019
Initially when I embarked on this journey, I was apprehensive as to whether or not I could encompass all it took to create and govern a successful online business. I trusted my gut and went ahead with committing to the training at WA.After 3 months I have now dialled in the entirety of the training at WA and it has been a good ride! I am learning new things everyday and navigating a good vibe. I am even keen to go through the training again to instill it entirely within my being so as to co
I am visiting the very South of Mexico, chillin' ( in theory - it is actually really really hot here) for a little famjam surf vaycay just North of Guatamala in a magical place called Huatulco situated in the State of Oaxaca. I am pleased to report the internet is much improved since 5 years ago when I lived here and bribed the internet technicians on the side of the road with two 3 litre bottles of Coca Cola to come to mi casa and do it right away rather than endure the 8 week (mas o menos) wa
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October 22, 2018
Keyword Rich Content is where I have my head right now. When I go to Site Content and read that the amount of words I have written (13, 758) which I am not really sure if that is a lot or not, but the stat of "more than 93% of other Wealthy Affiliates" is a good vibe for me and actually makes me want to know who the remaining 7% are so I can see what kind of sites they are governing and if I can learn anything from them. I am way new to this whole world of affiliate marketing, but I am season
October 06, 2018
I received a notification about being indexed in Google and am eager to continue taking flight! I am stoked about understanding all the lessons so far and immersed in many creative ideas for further keyword content creation. I have reached the next training module that is entitled "making money" and even though that is a good reason why I am here, I am so grateful to have gained all the knowledge that WA has provided so far and am eager to continue on to see how to further expand! The commun
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October 05, 2018
I joined Wealthy Affiliate at the end of September and have learned massive amounts of information. I initially wanted to get into affiliate marketing a little while back but didn't have the skillset or understanding to confidantly make that a reality. I kept seeing videos on youtube that promoted affiliate marketing and I initially started with a company that as time progressed, proved to be a money grab and offer no insights on how to empower myself to create and govern my own online busine