Same Day Index - A Solid Sign :)

Last Update: August 02, 2019

I have been really working towards publishing content of value and in keeping with the suggestions and training here at WA.

I wrote my longest keyword post to date sitting at over 5000 words and I felt very accomplished just having published it, as it is work I enjoy and am proud of and believe has real value.

I went out for the afternoon wtih my beautiful son and when I arrived back home later to see my emails, I had received a notification that my content had been indexed only several hours after having published it.

That's a win for me and I think it is a goodvibe to share your wins especially when there is overwhelm to processing all that needs encompassing in running and governing a or several succesfful online businesses.

Awesome news indeed and a good sign of more success to follow!

Hope all my fellow affiliates are crushing their content goals and dialing in a goodvibe!


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Great news Bex.