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Last Update: November 02, 2018

I am visiting the very South of Mexico, chillin' ( in theory - it is actually really really hot here) for a little famjam surf vaycay just North of Guatamala in a magical place called Huatulco situated in the State of Oaxaca. I am pleased to report the internet is much improved since 5 years ago when I lived here and bribed the internet technicians on the side of the road with two 3 litre bottles of Coca Cola to come to mi casa and do it right away rather than endure the 8 week (mas o menos) waiting period.

When it comes to internet connectivity, I have had my fair share of worldly experiences and at the end of them all, I have to say that being able to be connected when you do your work online is a good vibe. I pounded out a sweet keyword rich content post for my website and then mosied on over to the site comments forum to provide some comments with the intention of then receiving some in return. I am all about reciprocal energy and think it is a great tool to engage readership and connect with and support other affiliates.

I am a connected and balanced person and engage in meditation regularly as well as yoga and mindful practices that keep me aligned in Mind, Body and Spirit. Through my life experiences I am currently with the belief that what you give returns to you. For anyone who has a knowledge or belief in Universal Laws this would be the Law of Reciprocity - or Karmic Return.

For anyone who has a website that interests me, I take my time and invest my energy in absorbing the content and then providing my thoughts on the content, any personal resonance with the content and then any inquiries I have in relation to the content. If your site doesn't appeal to me after reading a few sentences, I will not feign interest to merely write an inauthentic comment so I may gain one in return. I have faith in what I am doing and want to do my work with integrity and valued investment. When I perform the task of commenting I do so with the intention that what I contribute will be returned to me, either by the person I leave a comment for or by another person who knows what's up.

Last night I was stationed next to the modem in the villa we are staying in and I encountered a website through the site comments forum in which to leave a comment. The website really resonated with me and I loved reading the post. At the end of the post, on the affiliates web page I delved right in with an in the moment, authentic and, if they existed, what I am pretty sure would be deemed a keyword rich comment. I then entered my name, my email and my website address and hit send. I looked up at my open tabs and see the WA tab on the left. Oh poo. I was meant to leave that comment on WA, not just the persons site.

As I couldn't go back and copy and paste my in the moment super connected comment, I instead decided to give the website owner the down low on what just transpired in the comment area on WA instead. (And now writing this, in hindsight, I should have just DM'd the person) but I typed a brief message and then was reprimanded by a red banner and exclamation marks that my comment didn't have enough bulk to pass muster. I expanded on the comment about the comment and then I sent the comment about the comment in the comments area and when I awoke the next morning the lovely gal had disapproved the comment with a kind message of gratitude and understanding and that she appreciated my comment that she received through her site. Good vibes right? Except now....I am a solid comment giver, but.... I now have an disapproved comment so on the surface, I totally put myself in a spot where I have lost a little good comment giver street cred.

It's all good because I know what the reality is and I am confidant I will remain a solid comment giver and receiver. (That sounds kind of dirty) Take this as just a little fun dramatic story to write a blog about I guess and demonstrate how truly new I really am and of course a blog contribution :-)

Hope life has you all smiling!

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Anyone who traves the world can relate to the internet access stories. Ice Crime, Reel Skhrimps, Freash Veggtabbles. Spelling really has become a lost art. In Memphis they miss-spell barbcue.