Weekend Easter Breaks

Last Update: March 25, 2016

With many people planning their Easter breaks, the options on what to do are endless. Taking time out for Easter is a good excuse to stop what you're doing and go recharge the batteries. Catching up with family and friends, taking a trip down the road or just enjoying your own company to seek some piece and quiet can do wonders for your senses.

Although it's supposed to be a time to enjoy, we often find ourselves to over commit and swamped with more work organising and entertaining others. Before you know it, instead of feeling relaxed you're run off your feet once again. To make sure this won't happen, it's a good idea for everyone to share their contribution towards the day. Our weekend Easter break will be spent at home on the farm to share some quality play time with the fur kids as well. The work at home usually never stops, from taking care of fences, paddocks and yards, mowing, checking water troughs for stock and tons of other maintenance needs on a daily basis.

It is however a great time of the year in my part of the woods with cooler days approaching as we head into autumn. Our visitors are due to roll in today for a camp over in their caravan, so no extra beds and rooms to reorganize. How great is that, self sufficient guests! I do know though, if it wasn't for my guests and a conscious decision to take some time off, the work would just continue to take over. When we work for ourselves being entrepreneurs, I have found this of utmost importance to allow ourselves the same right to take a break as you would get with an employer weather it's a long weekend or an annual holiday.

As a lot of us are workaholics most times, now is a good time to just switch off and stop. Peoples' weekend Easter breaks are a special time of the year celebrated throughout most parts of the world filled with history, beautiful decorations and chimes. Easter egg hunts will be found all over the place and enjoyed by young and old. In many countries Easter is also marking the start of spring, so if you get to be out and about take note of nature returning to life with birds beginning to lay their eggs and small animals like rabbits coming out of hibernation.

Wishing you all a safe, relaxing and blessed Easter


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Muule Premium
Lovely post, Bettina! Happy Easter to you and your family!
LenaMiglena Premium
Happy Easter Bettina!
SadieChan Premium
Thanks so much for such a loving post. It is always good to take a special day to rest our mind and enjoy it. Happy Easter. Regards Sadie.
Sui_generis Premium
Take some time out for reflection and joy. You know what they say about all work and no play........................ Happy Easter to you and yours, Bettina. ~Debbi
StacyWolf Premium
Well said! Happy Easter!