1 Week WA Premium

Last Update: February 29, 2016

Well one week is over and time for a small review:

What I achieved:
1) I build a new Website from scratch. I had an old one in joomla, so I first created a subdomain and started there. After 6 days I switched the sites. Lesson learned: I would recommend to build it on a real domain. It was a lot of work to change it.
2) I finished Classroom number 2 and stay in the mid of Classroom number 3.
3) I joined two affiliate networks (Clickbank and Linkshare) but nothing more so far.
4) I joined Amazon. It was a little tricky for me. I stay in Europa and wasn´t able to join Amazon.com. I searched a little bit and tried it at least in german. But I was on the wrong track because I joined the seller program :-(.
After some Mails they shut it down - hopefully without charging me.
But finally I got the right one. I searched for english books and I got some. I don´t know how Amazon works with the different countries but it seems to work.
5) I put my first Amazon Link on my page and saw ...nothing.
Adblocker grrrr

Comment so far:
The video are very good.
Sometimes I think: "Come on. Go faster."
And then:"Oh, what did he?"
It is good to go back and see it again.

Very helpful for me are the task. So I know that I have done all the things or what is still to do

What I expect in the future:
Trafficgeneration and E-Mail Marketing.

I hope that blog we help other newbies.

Have a great day!

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Jurgen78 Premium
Hi Bernd,

It seems you had quite an interesting first week already! I agree with you that the tasks at the end of each lesson are great to make sure you applied everything said in the lesson.

Wishing you all the best!
Bernd16 Premium
Hi Jürgen,
thank you for the comment.
I took a look at your site. Really good!
Your last blog is from Sep 13, 2015. I expect, that you already earn some money with your great site.
Kind regards
Jurgen78 Premium
Hi Bernd, thank you!
I got my first Amazon commission in November, but it was only a few dollars. Nonetheless, it was a big personal achievement for me :)
I was thinking of writing a blog on it here at WA. Maybe I should do it :)

Bernd16 Premium
Hi Jürgen,
yes, you should write it. It is another angle on the same thing. And that is interesting.