1 month WA Premium

Last Update: March 21, 2016

I'm for one month premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and today a want to review the past 3 weeks:

  1. I have done all the classroom courses, but to be honest, I haven't wrote all the blogs. It´s too much in the short time.
  2. I have about 50 new contacts on G+
  3. Twitter and Pinterest aer still under 10.
  4. I haven't promoted facebook until today. Maybe I should to it.
  5. My website contains 11 Post and 7 pages and 7 Comments from WA members Thank you!
  6. I just created one E-Mail Optin on my site. Not beautiful, but it´s free and works.

The results / statistics:

  • Money: $0
  • New Visitors: 41 (I think mostly WA Members)

Search results:

The first line blow me arway. This is not my webname! This is the second row.

Next tasks:

  • Increase traffic (How?)
  • More articles
  • More Comments

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GinaGo Premium
I have faith in you Bernd! ~Gina
Bernd16 Premium
Hi Gina,
thanks a lot for your trust and encouragement. It is a long, long way and I just ask myself, how to increase the traffic. Maybe I'm impatient.
adreyna Premium Plus
Congratulations, that's quite an accomplishment!
Bernd16 Premium
Thank you.