Getting Clients to Leave Reviews

Last Update: January 17, 2020

Wow, so this is something that I've been meaning to target with our clients where I work. It's like pulling teeth to get even our closest friends to sit down and write a review.

We have many happy customers but not many take the time to do the google or Facebook reviews, nor do they comment on my random blog posts. I need to blog more, I know, but I really need to rack up my reviews on the Google + page and elsewhere.

**Technically speaking though, there should be an easy way for me to send them something, besides a link in an email or Facebook post...something where they aren't having to work too hard.

I also would like to showcase reviews from Google and Facebook on my website, but that's probably something I need to research first. Let's stick to the first part of my post.

**Any nifty ways of asking clients to leave reviews that have worked for you guys?

Many thanks!

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rolfkb Premium
Ben I hear your cry but unfortunately I am totally new to this so there is no experience to share. But I take note of the comment and may come back later,
BenTrident Premium
We're going to try an incentive...
First time I heard / read those words. "what does the "magic wand" do? in wordpress?
I know what it does in Photoshop.
TheOldSilly Premium
I'd like to follow this comment thread, too. Wonder if any people know of the "magic wand" for this?
Browjack5 Premium
Interested I this topic too, thanks for asking.