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Hi WA friends, man, it's been a while since my last blog post here. I wanted to share a quick success story... well, small success I guess. I finally got started with integrating MailChimp to bring back former clients/previous inquiries. And I sent out the first two emails with Mail Chimp campaigns.... to over 100 subscribers for the first two emails, and both times only about 10% opened the email.The third time I sent an email, it was just simply an honest subject header. Everyone in my e
Wow, so this is something that I've been meaning to target with our clients where I work. It's like pulling teeth to get even our closest friends to sit down and write a review.We have many happy customers but not many take the time to do the google or Facebook reviews, nor do they comment on my random blog posts. I need to blog more, I know, but I really need to rack up my reviews on the Google + page and elsewhere.**Technically speaking though, there should be an easy way for me to send the
Well, the client is an old friend of mine that I'm going to start helping again. We had a blogspot set up on Google, now we are launching a Wordpress site and I'm hosting it here at WA. So I had a smooth export that I did this morning, but now I guess I should delete or turn off the blog for duplicate content. I'm going to research this on WA soon, but I wanted to get some thoughts if you'd like to leave 'em. I'll check back soon.
May 07, 2014
Just wanted to simply share my recent "figuring out" success in getting the slider to work in Cyber Chimps Blox Pro Theme. My client bought the theme and I've had to learn how to use it. Each page has it's own authorization to allow slides or not, and then you can dictate which category of slides you want per page. Pretty neat now that I got it working. Anyway, I'm up way too late, but wanted to share this with my WA buddies.
March 03, 2014
I was off to a great start last year, and then had to back off. Well, I'm back on now and I was wondering if anybody had a few moments to point me in the right direction as to how I can catch up on all the new changes, bells and whistles that WA has to offer. The updated buttons and status alerts are a nice touch. What else? Thanks for your time.