Going Back to the Good Old Days: Say What?

Last Update: August 14, 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope everybody is staying safe and doing their best to stay active in order not to be a victim of Charles Darwin's thoery of "Use and Disuse." If you don't put those muscles of yours, you're going to lose it. Trust me, I have been there.

Anyway, the reason I decided to write this post was the shock I received this morning after realizing the fact that this Real, and not a joke that the supernatural being is REBOOTING, RESETING, OR RETURNING the universe to what it's in the Good Old Days.

What do you mean, the good old days?

Just to give you a slice of it, back in the days, the men of the house used to be the breadwinners; get a job and go to work depending Monday to Friday.

While the women stay at home and take care of the children and home.

Until, reformation occurred, and women had occupied major roles if not more in certain aspects of the workforce in our societies. For instance, there are some homes that the women were the one who work, while the men stay at home and take of the kids.

For those men who are experiencing such situations, don't feel any less of yourself, it's the dynamic of life.

I myself, had to stay at home mostly to take care of my kids after graduating from medical school, had a setback due to the COVID-19 crisis, and I'm very grateful to God that at least my wife had a job to put food in the table while there is roof under our heads.

Take it from me and not let pride eat you up, none of all this matter. Vanity upon vanity is all vanity.

back to the topic, I realized that if the school system continue to be an online system, then one parent is forced to stay at home helping the kids achieve their dreams in terms of operating the computer systems for this kids.

Change is here: Is it a good thing?

They said change is the only constant thing on earth. What's most interesting is that the government, the school system, and the teachers are pushing this New Norm.

Which if you recall, I wrote a post about the Accepting the New: Human Attention Span is dwindling at a skyrocketed rate. If you haven't read it, I would advice you check it out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for change especially for a military guy like me, love the unexpected nature and short notice and time to react of change.

But the truth of the matter is this new change is freaking me out in a way.

No offense to all the teachers, I love what you guys are doing, and I respect everything, but most of you guys suck like me when it comes to passing out instructions on how to get the computer working so that our future leaders of tomorrow, which is our kids, not the parents.

For me, I dont know about you guys, it seems like this new educational system is to give those parents who didn't study well in school the opportunity of second chance, not the kids.

If we have to leave our kids to DO IT BY THEMSELVES, this is what you will get sometimes.

How do our kids and adults feel about this?

Because most kids look very confused.

Another bad aspect is those that have day-care center, which the profit margin will drop if not increase the unemployment level.

Well, let's not totally condemn this New norm because it's actually an opportunity for the society, educational system, and parents to provide quality time to their children instead of the crazy society where majority of homes have both parents juggling couple of jobs in order to pay the bills.

Parent can actually benefit also by having the time to start online business. Those of you who are already members of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), now is the time to go out there as Soldiers of the good guys fighing against scammers by bringing these parents to join WA.

Another important thing that the government and school system are failing to understand is that one parent had to stay at home to help this kids for their school elearning and telehealth which is now a FULL time job, one of them has to quit their job, and their income level will be reduce thereby negatively impacting the standard of living.

Final Thought

I don't know about you, but I think that if the government, school system, and some parents are supporting the proposal of home schooling and telehealth (asking nonmedical parents to perform physical exam) because of the pandemic crisis WITHOUT considering the decrease in SOURCE of income while Expenses and debt level remain constant.

Is time they RETHINK AGAIN, and come up with a solution of making staying at home a CAREER opportunity so that this parent can GET PAY while they do most of the school teachers job or work from home by joing a genuine and effective online platform like Wealthy Affiliate to thrive during this change; the Good Old Days.

This might actually be a good time for me if I want to let go of working physically in hospital and focus on telehealth kind of practice and online business.

Thanks for reading this post and free feel to leave a comment by telling me what you honestly thing about this changing society back to what it used to be but with the present complication.

Have a great day, keep believing, and stay safe and positive for it will all be over soon.

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ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Interesting viewpoint Benson :-)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Nice post, Benson! I am holding out for the new normal to disappear and revert back to the way it was because, IMHO, this NEW normal will not be sustainable!

Enjoy your weekend!

BensonE Premium
Thanks Jeff,
I hope so too that things get back to normal, and at the same time, I’m getting myself ready for any lasting change.
God bless and enjoy your weekend too.

JeffreyBrown Premium
I will, Benson! Thanks again!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great post
BensonE Premium
Thanks Lisa.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
You are very welcome my friend
JKulk1 Premium
It certainly is a whole new world out there.

Do I like it?

I"m not sure.

Not all of us are able to be good teachers to our children.

Maybe those children with parents that find teaching a chore, or who don't have enough patience, will suffer.

All the best. Jim
BensonE Premium
Hi Jim,
I agreed because I’m already feeling the burn and at the same time loving the experience learning along side my kids.
Thanks for the contribution.