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September 29, 2020
Hello everyone, I hope you all are well and staying safe. Although today is specially dedicated for the celebration of World Heart Day, I want to remind each and everyone of us that "taking care of your heart, or your entire health" is not something we wait until the age ( 45 for men and 50 for women) before investing our time and money into our health.You rip what you sowThere is a time to sow and a time to rip. There is a time to be born and a time to die. The decision of today will determine
According to popular believes, " It's easier to reach the top, or what some of you called All of fame, but remaining there is the hardest. This believe system, which has made many wealthy people involved in inhumane stuffs that is detrimental to themselves and fellow human, sport champions self-inflicted harms taking steriods and other kinds of enhancement drugs, and celebrities induging in various damaging habits. The interesting part about it is that the very thing they are afriad of, is what
Hello my fellow WA member,I hope everyone is doing great and safe as we journey through life durig this unprecedented time of COVID-19 crisis.I woke up this morning by God's grace and feeling fortunate to be ALIVE because I'm not in anyway better or special than those our loveones that the coronavirus pandemic as taken away from us. I might not have a job now, but I'm grateful to be spending time with my family and learning an online business skills.The power of distractionsThe reason for this
Have you been working so hard, but yet have NOTHING to show for it? What happen to the famous saying, " Hardwork pays" This saying had made many people to believe that to be successful, one has to work hard. This is a comon lie been spread like widefire across the world. The government tells us to work hard; we encourage our children to work hard; and when someone in any organization publicized their success, I see people commenting that "congrats, your hardwork has paid off." Is it really true
I believe we all have a purpose in this life, especially an obligation to help our fellow humans. What are you? A resourceful person or you are like the traffic policeman who just stand there, and direct traffic without even trying to find out if people need more than direction. Any day, I would prefer a resourceful friend and Not those just recommend.Disclaimer Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that someone is wrong with just telling people where to go get help, but I think NOT trying to ren
Hello everyone, I hope everybody is staying safe and doing their best to stay active in order not to be a victim of Charles Darwin's thoery of "Use and Disuse." If you don't put those muscles of yours, you're going to lose it. Trust me, I have been there.Anyway, the reason I decided to write this post was the shock I received this morning after realizing the fact that this Real, and not a joke that the supernatural being is REBOOTING, RESETING, OR RETURNING the universe to what it's in the Good
We live in a society that majority of people are always on the move. There is no time to stop and enjoy time with their family, let a lone watching the sunset. People are so much in hurry to either achieve success or get a task done that they forget to take care of the most important thing, which is yourself. Is time to Take Action; Take a step back.I'm not an exception. I used to be very self-discipline and so good in taking care of myself that I found it hard to believe when people say things
According to a Microsoft study, "the average humanbeing now has an attention span of eight seconds. This is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000." Surprisingly, researchers are saying that this rate of decline will be in the 88 percent per year.We live in an ultra fast paced world where everybody is on the go, human beings are trying to keep up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by automation, there are increases in the use of Smart Homes, and the new g
Hello WA,Woke up this morning ready to make my kids breakfast when the thought of checking my website because I have being a little troubled not able to work on my website and be active here in the community like I normally do initially when I started.Anyway, I was shock to see that I made the 200 member cut-off, whatever you guys call it. I'm very excited eventhough I wasn't expecting it. I love to help people when I can and one of my key motivators to learning is to be able to help people. Ha
Hello everyone at WA, I hope you all are doing amazing especially being that we live in an unprecedented time.I just want to share with you a little bit of my journey, not to make you feel pity, but to encourage you in your journey that whatever you are going through or passing through is only temporary (transient), and that you shouldn't give up because of the disappointment from family, failures, loss of jobs, and the least go on...I have always know that I wanted to go into medicine because